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2016-11-27 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - adaptation from a novel:

Hi Chuck,    I can steer you in the right direction. That is not an issue. The issue in this situation is that a 1970 successful novel will certainly have been browsed by the wolves in Hollywood. It may

2016-09-23 Making Films & Videos - Editing film parts:

My apologies for the late response, my daughter has been in and out of several hospitals since two Sundays ago.    Technically, if you do not have copyright permission, in most cases, it is illegal.  BUT

2016-09-13 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - Favorite movie screenplay of 2016:

Truthfully, I have read none of the 2016 movie scripts.  Except for "Sully" or "Hacksaw Ridge," none of the current movies hold my interest in the least.  Now, some of the new cable channel programming


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