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2016-12-09 Alzheimer`s Disease - dementia argumentive:

Hello Carolyn:  I'm very sorry to hear about all the stress you are under with your relative.  You are right to just walk away when it becomes too much for you to handle.  Perhaps taking a short "vacation"

2016-12-02 Geriatric Medicine - exhaustion:

I'm sorry, I did forget to address the issue of how to "avoid" having a stroke. The best way to avoid having a stroke is to maintain a BP close to what is considered the "normal" range. Here in the states

2016-12-02 Alzheimer`s Disease - geriatrician single handed diag dementia:

If I was your attorney I'd be asking for a second unbiased opinion.     To answer your first question, yes a geriatric physician can diagnose dementiia. Doesn't take a lot of visits to do that. If he gave

2016-12-02 Geriatric Medicine - exhaustion:

Dear Philip:    I think the fact that you are signed up for "memory services" is a good thing. It is concerning to me when a doctor chalks everything up to old age rather than to investigate until he/she

2016-12-01 Geriatric Medicine - exhaustion:

Hi Philip:    If you have the need to write in the future, kindly include a list of your mom's medical conditions and the medications that she takes. The fact that she was prescribed folic acid for a while


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