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2017-02-21 Geriatric Medicine - Routine Exams:

Hi John,    Thank you for your question. For the most part (and according to what a health insurance will usually pay for) a true "physical exam" or P.E. is done on an annual basis. The exam should consist

2017-02-14 Alzheimer`s Disease - Feeding your mother with dementia:

Dear Naushad,    The simplest way to make your Mother's eating easier is to make nutritions drinks using a blender. For example, you can blend spinach with a little bit of hard-boiled egg or chicken or

2016-12-29 Alzheimer`s Disease - Nana:

Holly:  I really do understand your feelings of guilt, but I still think you need to let it go--that NP, and maybe the nurse as well, would have listened to her lungs, especially when the O2 came off,

2016-12-24 Alzheimer`s Disease - Nana:

Hello Holly:  I apologize for the delay in receiving my answer--I had answered back the same day you inquired, however something prevented my answer from registering.  So, here is my answer:  Please, please


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