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2016-10-18 Retirement Planning - Social Security:

Roberta,    Married or divorced after 10 years or more, you are entitled to spousal benefits. However, if you retired at your full retirement age, your spousal benefits are only equal to 50% of your ex-spouse's

2016-10-18 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Long Term care insurance:

Benni,   Good Morning. I hope this response finds you recouperating well from your recent stroke.    I did ask a colleague of mine who sells long term care insurance about your question.  He said that

2016-09-20 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Choosing between long-term care and home care:

Chris,  Good Evening.  I can appreciate your dilemma regarding weighing the cost of long term care insurance vs the benefit.     Here are a couple of thoughts that I submit for your to consider when trying


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