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2017-02-20 Retirement Planning - Roth IRA:

You can no longer contribute to a traditional IRA upon the year you turn 70.5. You can contribute to a Roth IRA out of earned income provided you qualify otherwise. Hey, once one turns 70, one's life expectancy

2017-02-18 Retirement Planning - Disabilty benefit to Social Security:

If I get Social Security disability benefits and I reach full retirement age, will I then receive retirement benefits?    Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits

2017-02-08 Retirement Planning - Contribution SEP IRA:

Hi David,  This is a bit of a complicated question without knowing more about your financial picture but I can shed some light on a few things that may help you decide. She can make "non deductible" contributions

2017-02-05 Retirement Planning - Social Security Benefits:

Dianne,    No.    1. You cannot apply for spousal benefits until you actually retire yourself.    2. If you retired before your full retirement age, both your benefits and your spousal benefits would be

2017-01-31 Retirement Planning - Social Security:

James,    1. No, an applicant is only entitled to spousal benefits after s/he retires. After all, spousal benefits are the difference between 50% of the spouse's retirement benefits and the applicant's


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