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2016-07-19 Retirement Planning - Social Security:

Vicki,    As long as you remain unmarried, in the scenario you describe, you would be entitled to $350 in benefits in addition to the $850 in benefits you would receive based on your own record.    See

2016-07-18 Retirement Planning - Rolling over a 401k to a conservative option that is safe from market fluctuations:

Thanks for your question. I hope I can give you a little insight.     First and foremost I will tell you that this is usually not something you can do yourself. I have been in business over 18 years and

2016-07-12 Retirement Planning - Nuveen:

Thanks for your question. Hope this helps.     I am not certain what your complete situation is so I am only going to provide you my observation. It seems you have a lot of individual bonds that you want

2016-07-09 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Retirment home for 94 year old:

Dear Bob,   Good Evening.    Fortunately, for your Mom there are many more choices about where seniors can live verses the previous generations of seniors.  In the past, many seniors either lived at home

2016-07-06 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Difficult Senior:

Alicia,   I am sorry to hear of the challenging situation that you are in!      First, I will say that we find that many seniors if they were mean and hateful most of their adult lives,  they remain the


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