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2016-10-16 Microsoft Word - Increasing space between words, but not between letters:

There isn't really any good or easy way to do this. You could painstakingly expand the spacing on just the spaces (you might even be able to use Replace or AutoCorrect to do this), but that would be difficult

2016-10-15 Microsoft Word - Expand / collapse function.:

I can certainly help you do this, but I would suggest that you MAY be better looking at and compressing the CV - a prospective employer won't want to be clicking to expand/contract headings, and anyway

2016-09-28 Microsoft Word - Word to PDF:

Hi Demetrius,    This question could well baffle me too but lets try this first:    Show/Hide Formatting Marks     On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Show/Hide    The little Icon looks like

2016-09-16 Microsoft Word - removing headers on certain pages only:

Hello Again Demetrius,    Sounds like so far so good up to the Header & Footer Tools; You don't click remove the header but      Click Link to Previous to turn off the link between the sections    Here

2016-09-16 Microsoft Word - removing headers on certain pages only:

Hi Demetrius,    Now if these headers are not in the header or footer area I believe you will just have to delete them from the pages where you do not want them.    However, should they all be in the Header


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