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2017-03-17 Microsoft Word - Pdf to word:

Hi there Brian    I have never done this, however here is a link to a site that shows the VB code to convert all files in a directory, which sounds like what you need...

2017-03-14 Microsoft Word - HP printer went offline:

sadly this isn't a word problem, but a windows 10/network problem which is outside my area of expertise.  I know I have some issues with a printer on my home network, where the wireless devices tend not

2017-03-14 Microsoft Word - printer is offline:

Hello, so sorry.  I have been trying to get my HP printer to work with Windows 10 for a year.  I finally hooked it up to an older computer.    I did a search on the following string    windows 10 HP5610

2017-03-06 Microsoft Word - Word for MAC:

Sorry for the delay in replying got a bit busy in the day job. should explain this  - you have the bookmarks already

2017-03-04 Microsoft Word - Multi-Level Style which iterates by values larger than "1":

I don't think there's any way to do this with a standard multilevel list. It's possible you could do this with field numbering, but that's outside my expertise. I suggest you post a question in the Microsoft


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