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2017-02-22 Microsoft Word - Symbol for "triple bar":

The Unicode character (U2261) is called "Identical To," and you can find it in the Mathematical Operators subset in Word's Symbol dialog. You can insert it from the dialog or by typing 2261 and immediately

2017-02-20 WordPerfect - em dashes:

I would check two places.    Tools > Quick Correct > Quick Correct TAB > review the list at the top.    There are 2 options one has 2 dashes becomes a single dash and the other option is 3 dashes becomes

2017-02-20 WordPerfect - em dashes:

Hi Charis, I believe what you are looking for is Quick Correct.    Under Tools, Quick Correct, Format as you go    I hope this works.      Nancy

2017-01-23 Microsoft Word - word document:

At face value, it sounds like what you need is a mail merge. The label template (which should be a table rather than text boxes) would be your mail merge main document. What you need to do is convert the

2017-01-11 Microsoft Word - Best instructional aid for Word, Excel, Access, etc.:

Hi John,    The options I would recommend are:  Microsoft site: (free) (free). Type Microsoft in search area or be more specific with Microsoft Word 2016 for example


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