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2017-01-11 Microsoft Word - Best instructional aid for Word, Excel, Access, etc.:

Hi John,    The options I would recommend are:  Microsoft site: (free) (free). Type Microsoft in search area or be more specific with Microsoft Word 2016 for example

2016-12-26 Microsoft Word - changing how references are cited:

If I'm understanding you correctly, you have something like this:    This is a footnote^2.    And you want to change it to:    This is a footnote.^2    And where there are multiple footnotes:    These

2016-12-21 Microsoft Word - right extreme:

The right edge of text is controlled by the right margin - so setting the margin to a smaller amount will cause the text to wrap earlier - you can also put in a manual line break (shift enter) to force

2016-12-20 Microsoft Word - Chapter numbering:

In the Page Number Format dialog, you have checked the box for "Include chapter number" and indicated the correct heading style for the chapter numbers? Make sure there are no empty paragraphs in the heading

2016-12-18 Microsoft Word - cmpressing text:

It depends on the content, whether it's just barely three pages or a full three pages. My article on fitting copy expresses all I know about the subject aside from what I already told you about the paragraph


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