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2016-12-03 Microsoft Word - Page:

Hi Brenda,    I don't use WPS Writer but it looks a lot like MS Word so I will try and help.    Try the View Menu then Zooming    To zoom the document, the options are as follows:    (1) Click the 100%

2016-11-19 Microsoft Word - Envelope Mail Merge:

Hi Dave,    this sounds like a question for one of those Printer Experts but let me share an idea or two with you.    Try going into the Devices and Printers Folder and changing the global settings on

2016-11-15 Microsoft Word - Inconsistent thickness of table borders: is there a remedy?:

Hello - there is no attachment which is fine.    If your document is printing correctly then this may be an issue between your printer and Word.    I am assuming the document looks correct in Print Preview

2016-11-01 Microsoft Word - auto correct word 2010:

AutoCorrect automatically corrects common typing errors as you type. There are two types of errors it can correct.    1. In the AutoCorrect Options dialog (File | Options | Proofing | AutoCorrect Options)

2016-10-24 Microsoft Word - Printing:

Hi Brenda    If your printer is not printing to scale, then this is an issue with your printer, not with Word.    The only setting that might affect this is if you have chosen something before printing


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