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2016-09-09 Sublime - just asking for credit:

Glad you found me. I've been looking for you for 16 years. You're mentioned in the text supplement and even many answers as the creator and full credit is always given.     Email me at mdmaguirespam AT

2016-09-03 Sublime - Summertime 1997 Matted Poster:

There's no picture included with your question. However, if you want a copy of this it is available on Amazon for cheap. It's not part of the limited official print, though.    Otherwise I'd recommend

2016-07-22 Sublime - College days:

Dave,    I think that I mentioned all of the bands that I could remember from that time which was almost 30 years ago. Yikes! I'm going to paste into here what I wrote a while ago for other readers of


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