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2016-09-21 Sociology - Why does men's fashion change more slowly than women's?:

Hi Ayla,    Thank you for your question. I apologize for this delayed response, but I waited until I had enough time to reply in detail to your perceptive question.     As a preface I'll state that my

2016-08-04 Sociology - Sociology question:

Hi Sam,    I can only offer my opinion here, which is this: Unfortunately, conflict has characterized humanity since long before records have been kept. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of human

2016-08-01 Sociology - Alpha Female:

Hi James,    Haha, well I can't say whether you'd "need not worry" because Alpha women only date Alpha men! Though I can relate! However, I'm happy to help with the first part of your question.    Alpha

2016-07-31 Sociology - mating game - appearance vs reality:

Hi Sam,    I'll be glad to help with your questions. My responses are numbered to correspond to the numbers in your questions.     1) Men and women both have a vested interest in reproduction, generally


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