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2016-12-09 Computer Security & Viruses - new laptop security ouestion:

Those programs will not compete. Defender is not an anti-virus. It is anti-malware. It is not recommended to run 2 antivirus at one time. Two antimalware programs at once is fine (more is overkill).  

2016-12-06 Computer Security & Viruses - Malwarebites Premium locking up computer:

Donna, I will do my best to help you. Your question is long. If I leave anything out just get back with me on what I missed.  First of all, due to some of the things you mentioned, there is a strong possibility

2016-10-20 Computer Security & Viruses - Web links:    discountdomainsuk

2016-10-18 Searching the Internet - Finding Website:

You don't specify what you mean by "programs", but I'll assume you want financial assistance or other services to help get by day-to-day.  My first search seems to be what you want:  https://www.benefits

2016-10-18 Computer Security & Viruses - Web links:

Hi James,    It's a secure site.    It belongs to Google. Companies like Google own many domains.   If you're not sure who owns a domain, there are many online sites that offer assistance like:    ip-adress


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