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2017-04-18 Computer Security & Viruses - anti-virus:

There is no "best" antivirus for Windows 10. However, I can recommend the ones, in my opinion, that are among the best.    I have been using McAfee on one of my computers, which runs Windows 10, and after

2017-02-11 Searching the Internet - Website for traveling:

Howdy, Sallie.  Here is what I would do.  Start with a search on keywords: tips for visiting mall of america, then glance thru the hits looking to narrow or expand the search with other keywords you see

2017-01-31 Searching the Internet - Internet Explorer:

Jim, you're mixing apples & oranges, or what you're calling Google is something else.  Google is a search engine and IE is a Internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. and IE is discontinued

2017-01-23 Searching the Internet - Finding WS about supplements:

Hi, Sallie.  How ya doing in my fav Hoosier state?  Can I suggest you do a search on those keywords:  rating vitamin supplement companies.  Seems to a lot on the Internet that can do just what you're asking


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