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2016-10-02 Softball - Look back rule:

Hi Tony,    Sorry for the delayed response.    A simple switching of the foot that is in contact with the base will not get a call for a look back violation.  If anything, it would be leaving the base

2016-09-25 Softball - Coed walk rule:

Hi Chuck,    ASA does include a rule book to every team that plays registered ASA ball.    In coed if a male is walked with less than 2 out, (he is placed on 2nd (by way of 1st)and she must bat.  With

2016-09-13 Softball - Timing Play:

Hi Wayne,    You are absolutely correct, this is a timing play and NOT a force.  As long as R1 scores before the live ball appeal of R2 the run scores.  This is a very basic rule and a common softball

2016-08-10 Softball - ASA men's slow pitch:

Hi Mike,    Actually there is...ASA 10-3-b  Under no circumstances shall an umpire seek to reverse a decision made by an associate.....    so the BU has the call, the BU can go to the PU for "help" if

2016-08-10 Softball - ASA softball umpire:

While it would be very unusual for the plate umpire to initiate the conversation, nothing rulewose prevents it. The biggest problem with this is the appearance of favortism.  At what point do you decide


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