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2016-10-02 Softball - Look back rule:

Hi Tony,    Sorry for the delayed response.    A simple switching of the foot that is in contact with the base will not get a call for a look back violation.  If anything, it would be leaving the base

2016-09-25 Softball - Coed walk rule:

Hi Chuck,    ASA does include a rule book to every team that plays registered ASA ball.    In coed if a male is walked with less than 2 out, (he is placed on 2nd (by way of 1st)and she must bat.  With

2016-09-13 Softball - Timing Play:

Hi Wayne,    You are absolutely correct, this is a timing play and NOT a force.  As long as R1 scores before the live ball appeal of R2 the run scores.  This is a very basic rule and a common softball


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