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2017-04-14 Softball - THROWING THE BAT::

Hi Derek    I had my left patella broken by an idiot who threw his bat backwards on his 2nd bat of the game after I warned him on his 1st bat where he almost took off the catcher's head with it.    We

2017-04-06 Softball - ASA infiled fly:

Hi Jan,    Nice to talk to you again.    An IF cannot be an attempted bunt or a line drive  The batted ball must be fair  There must be less than 2 outs w 1st and 2nd or bases loaded  It must be catchable

2017-03-28 Softball - infield fly rule:

Hi PJ    Unusual but it happens every now and then.  Yes absolutely the right call, good umpiring, foul ball.  It was only an IF if it was a fair ball but it wasn't.  Just the same as if it were near a

2017-01-28 Softball - Determining home field advantage in a single elimination format:

Bob,     This isn't a topic covered in the rule books!  Typically, the single elim. tournaments I have seen, the highest seed is home team.  The reward for winning early and often!    There is no way to


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