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2016-10-12 Spanish Language - Te quiero vs te amo:

Hi Julie,    Sorry to take a few days to answer!  The difference between the two is one of degree.  "Te quiero" is a lighter way to say that you care about or like someone, whereas "te amo" is stronger

2016-09-24 Spanish Language - Spanish 101:

Hi Maricia,    As far as I can see, the only tiny mistake that you made is not adding an s to sábado o domingo as you are talking about them in the plural. If you change this, then those phrases should

2016-08-11 Travel to Spain - Ronda to Nerja:

I would agree with your proposed routing.    Los Amarillos from Ronda to Malaga    There are regular buses every 75 minutes or so between Malaga & Nerja operated by    There is no train serving


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