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2017-02-12 Nail Care & Manicures - Gel artificial nails:

They're strong in different ways. Gel is a softer, more flexible plastic than acrylic. It works better for some people and not as well for others. If you wear your nails short, you probably won't have

2017-01-25 Massage - Neck:

Yes!  Exactly, James.     There are therapists who are trained in trigger point massage and who can gently work out tight neck muscles without rubbing.  They may use some gliding to warm the area but then

2017-01-14 Nail Care & Manicures - Chemical burns and nail infection from nail salon full set of acrylics:

Debra, Thank you for visiting AllExperts.  I only supply Natural Nail Care but, I am very aware of these   Chemical Nail Treatments.  I am not a doctor or Attorney so I cannot address  What appears to

2017-01-09 Nail Care & Manicures - Gel French Manicure:

Hi Kathy  I am not completely understanding your question. You mentioned 2 week gel fill so I do not understand whether you are wearing hard gel enhancements or a gel polish. Enhancements would require

2016-12-23 Nail Care & Manicures - Problems with polish in pedicures:

Hi Katie   I'm sorry to take so long to answer your question, this is an extremely busy time in the salon and this is my first free moment.  Ok, you said you are getting gel pedicures, I'm not sure if


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