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2017-03-26 Autism - Why do so many aspies tend to hold grudges over minor stuff especially over the internet?:

Wow. I am not sure what to say other than I'm sorry you have had these unpleasant experiences.    I do not doubt what you are saying and there are most likely some people with Asperger's who will act in

2017-03-23 Teaching Advice - Default Trainer:

23/3/2017    Hello Vic    Thank you for your question.    I can help you solve your problem.     I can work with you and for you creating all the documented training for the plant Operators.     I absolutely

2017-02-24 Special Education - Smart ISS:

Hello Michelle and thank you for writing to me and using this service. As I understand, "smart" ISS is just a way to describe options for out of school suspension. Your question does not tell me if your

2017-02-18 Special Education - IEE for Adhd/LD diagnosis follow up:

I really appreciate your following up and letting me know the progress you have made.  You have gotten the process back on a forward path.  The main reason that they are starting over by having you sign

2017-02-17 Special Education - Medically Fragile:

Yes, indeed. The doctor will recommend a modified day, and the evaluations for this should be at no expense to parents. A modified day also may be accompanied by a proper documentation that the child needs


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