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2016-06-18 Special Education - assessments and plans:

I will need a bit more time to answer this question...I'll get back to you very soon    Richard     After re-reading your question I want to let you know that you are not alone in this.  The abysmal actions

2016-06-18 Special Education - assessment:

Sandra,  The IDEA (federal law) says that when an assessment is requested by the parents, the school has 15 days to prepare and submit to the parents an assessment plan. Once the parents sign the assessment

2016-06-15 Speech Disorders - Speech Delay:

Did you ever consider telepractice as a form of speech therapy? Its very effective. Its online speech therapy. We are just getting started..  the heart of almost 3 is the child who begins telling stories

2016-06-15 Special Education - Eval:

Dorian,    The district is required by law to conduct assessments in all areas of suspected disability every three years. I encourage you to remind them of this requirement. Then when you conduct your

2016-06-06 Special Education - private evalutations:

Dorian,    The IEE (Individual Educational Evaluation) is paid for by the district using an assessor mutually agreed to by the school district and the parent. Neither side gets to pick the assessor unilaterally


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