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2016-07-26 Autism - help with student's use of profanity:

Hi Karen,    First, I am impressed with all that you have done for this child. He is a lucky boy to have landed in your school. Although the profanity is a real concern, can you imagine what things might

2016-07-19 Autism - Grandson:

Hi Karen,    Thank you so much for coming to AllExperts with your question!  Unfortunately, it's a little difficult for me to answer your question without more information.  With the info you've given

2016-07-18 Special Education - fba question:

LH,  Your school is not following the law. Once they agree to do an assessment, they have to give you an Assessment Plan within 15 days. Once  you sign the Assessment Plan and turn it into them, they have

2016-07-13 Special Education - 504:

Leann,  I am not a fan of 504 Plans for a number of reasons:   1. They do not require the same follow up with mandated annual meetings and triennial assessments.  2. Enforcement is much more difficult

2016-07-07 Autism - education:

Hank-this is true. It doesn't mean that every child with autism will have this problem, but many do. That is why we recommend that you take whatever skill you are teaching the child and try to use it in


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