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2016-09-27 Special Education - WPPSI-IV Evaluation:

That is great that she is adapting to school this year. One other option you might want to consider is a 504 plan. This would at least give her some protections if something does come up as well as an

2016-09-18 Special Education - ABA through insurance:

Mary,  You are going to have to decide what is most beneficial to your son. I have clients that have benefited greatly from ABA and others that have not made much progress. But you won't know until you

2016-09-17 Autism - training:

Dear Hank,    This is a good question.  First, let me point out several things.  Training in social awareness and body language is very helpful, and should be attempted if for no other reason than to improve

2016-09-14 Special Education - WPPSI-IV Evaluation:

Hi Tracy,  You are right that there is a lot of discrepancy between some of the scores. The verbal reasoning, working memory, and processing speed scores are all above average. Visual spatial and fluid

2016-09-09 Special Education - Cse:

Lucille,  The federal law, IDEA, is very clear on this: IEPs must be scheduled at a date and time convenient to the parents. It goes on to say they must give you 15 day notice. Typically, they give the


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