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2017-02-18 Special Education - IEE for Adhd/LD diagnosis follow up:

I really appreciate your following up and letting me know the progress you have made.  You have gotten the process back on a forward path.  The main reason that they are starting over by having you sign

2017-02-17 Special Education - Medically Fragile:

Yes, indeed. The doctor will recommend a modified day, and the evaluations for this should be at no expense to parents. A modified day also may be accompanied by a proper documentation that the child needs

2017-02-15 Special Education - IEE for cost of Adhd diagnosis:

They may not know exactly what they are looking for (they being the school team).  Unfortunately the school team doesn't always remember that you don't necessarily understand their language, but parents

2017-02-15 Special Education - IEE for cost of Adhd diagnosis:

There definitely will be overlapping symptoms between SLD and ADHD, SLD is simply a significant difficulty in one or more academic areas that are defined in IDEA.  However, the spirit of the law is to

2017-02-15 Special Education - Adhd and IEEs:

Jodi,    You can always ask for the school to pay for the independent assessment. You might ask, "My medical insurance won't pay for an assessment of my daughter's ADHD claiming it is an educational matter


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