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2016-08-20 Teaching Advice - Groups:

Sure, just do not replace the rulers. They do not value them, or really their education so let them do the work with out the rulers. Notify parents and administration of the situation and how much it is

2016-08-17 Teaching Advice - Management:

Put clear rules and tell them if they break anything they have to replace or pay for the replacement    If you are unable to know who was the one that did it all the class pays so you have extra supplies

2016-08-16 Special Education - Course acceleration:

Hello, Michelle and thank you for writing to me about your son. Since it appears your son has an IEP, and the IEP team must decide the 'placement', transportation should be provided. If they refuse, maybe

2016-08-06 Autism - being social:

Good Morning,  Being social can be very natural for some people and not others.  It is hard to understand if you are not social.  Often a social person that you know may assume that you are upset with

2016-07-26 Autism - help with student's use of profanity:

Hi Karen,    First, I am impressed with all that you have done for this child. He is a lucky boy to have landed in your school. Although the profanity is a real concern, can you imagine what things might


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