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2016-05-22 Speech Disorders - Speech Apraxia:

Hello Amy,    As you may be aware I am in a position where I cannot make a diagnosis but I will try to suggest some options that you can follow if they make sense to you. Apraxia can make it very difficult

2016-05-16 Careers: Teaching - Stories to go along with toy:

Hi, Amy,    My suggestion to you is to first get hold of some readability tables and test out some published books to see what they have written and how it fits with your plan.  I'm guessing that Amazon

2016-05-11 Special Education - private school:

My experience is that school districts fight private school placements no matter what. The challenge parents face is that districts have to pay most of the costs of educating your child no matter where

2016-05-06 Special Education - Observing:

Min,  Parents are allowed to observe their children at school. They have to abide by their school district's policies, so long as they are reasonable. Most district ask that you schedule your visit at

2016-05-06 Special Education - Gag order:

Lm,  If your child is of mandatory school age, I believe your state requires that he attend school. It is not a valid reason to pull him out because of denial of FAPE. But, you can file a Compliance Complaint


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