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2016-11-24 Special Education - 9 yr old moving from an IEP to a 504:

You are correct, the decision to exit him from special education sounds like it was based upon only the discrepancy model testing you described.  Your addition data such as grades, statewide testing, etc

2016-11-22 Autism - suggestions for replacement behaviours:

Hi Karen,    You do have interesting situations.    Glad to hear that the hair pulling issue has lessened, but this new behaviour has the power to annoy kids and adults alike. It might have initially been

2016-11-11 Autism - Proprioceptive disorder:

Peter,  First, let me assure you that you should not be concerned about your son being "labeled." Special education records are kept very confidential. Nothing ever appears on transcripts about special

2016-11-01 Special Education - IEP Minutes:

Dear Miel,    I want to thank you and apologize. I thank you for your great question and advocacy. I apologize for my delayed response!     It is a very important issue you are raising. I totally agree

2016-10-24 Special Education - Gifted programming special ed student:

Daniela,    I wish I could give you a simple answer, but I can't. First, it depends on how you approached home schooling. Did you enroll your son in a home school program through a charter school? If you


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