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2017-01-10 Autism - being slow:

I think it depends upon what we are doing.  Temple Grandin successfully used it to her advantage and to the advantage of the animal processing centers she influenced as well.  Most of us don't have the

2017-01-09 Autism - being slow:

Dear Andrew,  Although I've never specifically heard it put that way, I suppose we probably do.  We are very detail-oriented and tend to have specific ways we like to do many things, which can make things

2017-01-08 Special Education - Is it time to move from an IEP to a 504?:

If he has met the goals of his IEP with little prompting, then I believe he is ready to change to a 504 plan.  Actually the goals and accommodations are things that could be included in the plan.  You

2016-12-23 Special Education - IEP Violations:

Hello Vicki,    Thank you for using this service and reaching out to me!    It may be. The complaint should go to the Office of Civil Rights and the complaint can be filled out online.     I wish you the

2016-11-24 Special Education - 9 yr old moving from an IEP to a 504:

You are correct, the decision to exit him from special education sounds like it was based upon only the discrepancy model testing you described.  Your addition data such as grades, statewide testing, etc


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