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2016-09-03 Baseball Instruction - timing pitching:

Hi Tom.  The children I coached were more in need of basic instruction, mechanics mostly.  Your son requires more seasoned instruction, beyond my ability, more like HS or College instruction.  I had the

2016-08-30 Minor League Baseball - For love of the game:

Kiko,   you are definitely not too old. i wouldn't expect to be roaming CF at Yankee Stadium in 2017 but definitely go for it!   Question #2: in combination of your age and skill level and lay of recent

2016-08-25 Baseball Trivia (General) - The Relief Pitcher role:

Hi, Jim,    There have been numerous post-seasons where a manager used a pitcher both as a front-line starter and as a bull pen guy. But none that I can think of that meet your criterion as being turned

2016-08-02 Baseball Instruction - Balk/ pick off:

Chad,    A pitcher cannot step to an unoccupied base while in contact with the rubber, unless the move is to attempt to put out a runner attempting to advance to that base.    Additionally, a pitcher must


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