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2016-09-07 Sports Medicine - Ankle issue:

Hi Alex- when you experience the pop sensation, & hear it, it's quite possible that you injured, possibly partially tore some ligaments in the ankle . An MRI would show that. Ins might allow the test since

2016-09-02 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Bicep pain after working out:

Simple case of doing too much after 7 months out of the gym.  Muscles respond to stress but when over stressed they become "damaged" temporarily until rest and healing can occur.  This is the same reason

2016-08-17 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Will My Hurt Knuckle Heal On Its Own:

Sorry for the delay in my response.  You could have sprained a ligament in which certain things can be done to rest the tissue and allow for healing.  An exam from an orthopedic physician would be needed

2016-07-30 Sports Medicine - exhale i sometimes pulse pain down both forearms:

Hi J- although probably nothing but over training, please check with your Dr. Radiating pain down your arms with deep breathing could possibly be related to cardio or heart concerns so get evaluated to

2016-07-14 Sports Medicine - hard pad on bottom of toe:

Hi jj- sounds like you've got a ridge callous on the tip of your toe, often associated with  the toe somewhat curly shaped & pinching that skin during walking to  form hard callous. These are quite common


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