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2016-10-13 Sports Medicine - Hamstring Problem MRI attached!:

Hi Stephen- Good news is that it appears there is no tear or damage to hamstring area. Probable tendonitis or myositis problem, ( tendon or muscle inflammation) The repetitiveness & persistence of your

2016-10-06 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Lost shoulder mobility:

Probably tendonitis.  If not an acute injury where you heard a pop or felt a sharp pain, it shouldn't be a tendon rupture or tear.      I would look into bicipital tendonitis or supraspinatus tendonitis

2016-09-07 Sports Medicine - Ankle issue:

Hi Alex- when you experience the pop sensation, & hear it, it's quite possible that you injured, possibly partially tore some ligaments in the ankle . An MRI would show that. Ins might allow the test since

2016-09-02 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Bicep pain after working out:

Simple case of doing too much after 7 months out of the gym.  Muscles respond to stress but when over stressed they become "damaged" temporarily until rest and healing can occur.  This is the same reason

2016-08-17 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Will My Hurt Knuckle Heal On Its Own:

Sorry for the delay in my response.  You could have sprained a ligament in which certain things can be done to rest the tissue and allow for healing.  An exam from an orthopedic physician would be needed


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