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2017-02-06 Stamps (Philately) - Rare perf franklin??:

Brian,    I've never heard of the 30 cent Franklin issue perforated 11-1/2.  I recommend showing the stamp around at the next stamp club meeting in your area.  See if others concur with your measurement

2017-02-03 Stamps (Philately) - U.S GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL STATIONARY:

Technically they are all collectible but they will never be valuable.  Possession/ownership is not illegal (unless stolen) but use in the mails is illegal except when used solely as a blank envelope with

2017-01-27 Stamps (Philately) - Elvis stamp:

Hello Suzanne,  thank you for your question. Here is some information about the Elvis stamps:    There were 2 different Elvis stamps issued. Both stamps have the identical design but show different inscriptions

2017-01-26 Stamps (Philately) - stamp:

Steve,    The $5 and 50c dated 1953 red documentary revenue stamps you describe are designated Scott numbers R642 and R630 respectively.  In used condition (but otherwise fault-free and eye-appealing)

2017-01-25 Stamps (Philately) - early Cyprus forgeries and bogus:

Hello Gerhard  Thank you for your question.... Unfortunately, I've received it quite late in the day and will be travelling for the next few days so it's not something I can get back to you on immediately


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