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2017-03-06 Stamps (Philately) - Penny postcards:

Hi Barry,  This is just what I needed.  So both of these are in the category "Paid Reply Postal Cards".  Usually there is some message on the card, with a blank or pre-printed return card (that might have

2017-03-02 Stamps (Philately) - Penny postcards:

Hi Barry,   Well, we're getting closer, but still a bit off.  It sounds like these are phylatelically what we call "Postal Reply Cards".  Certainly the second one is, and the first may be also, if it's

2017-03-01 Stamps (Philately) - souvenir pages:

James,    The 1970's saw a stamp collecting boon, because people were looking for any investment that would protect their wealth from high inflation (and as it turned out, stamps were not the solution

2017-02-28 Stamps (Philately) - Cleaning out parents home:

Cheryl,    The Gold Star Mothers issue is from 1948, and the Marine Corps issue is from 1966.  The stamps have a catalog (retail) value of 25 cents apiece, but in the wholesale market they change hands

2017-02-27 Stamps (Philately) - Penny postcards:

Hi Barry,  Sorry I missed your question, I've been dealing with a broken rib among heavy travel.  The short answer to your question is, maybe.  It really depends on the cards, and what they were, also


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