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2016-09-21 Stamps (Philately) - 10c US Int Rev Stamp, inverted:

David,    Your stamp is Scott number R109a, a "second issue" revenue stamp from 1871.  Its rare.  Fault-free, eye-appealing examples have catalog value of $2,000.  With the heavy pen cancel, I would estimate

2016-09-19 Stamps (Philately) - precancelledstamps:

There are many varieties of precanceled US stamps and most of them have minimal value.  Varieties include the stamp itself as well as varieties of the precancel.  Adding to the confusion, there are both

2016-09-15 Stamps (Philately) - Stamps:

Hi Jovannie,     Sorry for my slow reply, I have had a bad flu the last couple of days.     I've looked at each of the photos and can say, these are all very common stamps.  An interesting usage for used

2016-09-13 Stamps (Philately) - nonperforated, misprinted stamp:

Hi Sandra,  My condolences on the loss of your mother, she was very smart to keep them, as they are certainly worth more than normal stamps.  This is know as an imperforate (Imperf)and miscut coil roll

2016-08-23 Stamps (Philately) - 1980 olympic stamps and more:

Kathy,    Stamps on paper torn from envelopes like you describe is known in the philatelic world as "kiloware", because it changes hands based on value by the pound, rather than by individual stamp.  The


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