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2017-01-10 Stamps (Philately) - Jefferson Memoriual Booklet:

RP,    That's puzzling.  When I think of frameline, I imagine a thin line surrounding the design, which does not exist on the 1973 Jefferson Memorial issue.  Even the booklet covers have a solid background

2017-01-10 Stamps (Philately) - MLB Plate stamps:

Janella,    My expertise is limited to United States stamps only, so I cannot speculate on the resale value of your Grenada issues.  I've never heard of the International Collectors Society, but I suspect

2017-01-04 Stamps (Philately) - colour variety:

This is what is known as a "Changeling".  Stamps of original color can become another color under certain conditions.  Exposure to sulphur in the air (near plants, mines, etc), can cause orange stamps

2017-01-03 Stamps (Philately) - US war savings bond stamps:

Hi Bruce,    I'm so sorry for your loss.  My older brother passed away 3 years ago and he was my inspiration to start collecting when I was 12 in 1980.    The short answer to your question is "maybe".

2016-12-28 Stamps (Philately) - Misprint:

Hi Senthil,  Thanks for the question.  Senthil, This is actually just a very minor underinking error, and is really not that uncommon. Some collectors would consider this a freak, but in general I consider


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