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2016-11-30 Stamps (Philately) - value of postal cards plus stamp:

Your green Jefferson with added stamp is probably the result of a rate increase.  The postal card itself is extremely common.  I use them bookmarks.  Up-rated due to rate change but unused has no real

2016-11-18 Stamps (Philately) - first day issue stamp collections:

Hi David,  The collections you have listed can be readily found on Ebay. They range in price from mid $20-s to around $ 150-. You try selling them at a stamp show or exhibition to a dealer, however they

2016-11-15 Stamps (Philately) - Us stamps:

Hi Stephanie,  The stamps as such have little value,however the covers (envelopes with stamps intact) might be of interest to Postal History collectors. If you have a lot of them, you could take your collection

2016-11-08 Stamps (Philately) - rare versus hype:

Brian,    I answer yes, that the seller might be honest, but value is far more dependent on popularity than rarity.  Something can be factually rare, but have little value to collectors.  Say for example

2016-11-04 Stamps (Philately) - Stamp Question:

Eben,     Thanks for the great images, it makes this a lot easier.  Let's start with the second of the two stamps.  This is the classic "Washington-Franklin" series which ran from 1908 until around 1920


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