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2016-10-20 Stamps (Philately) - RF27:

Richard,    RF27, the blue playing card "1 pack" revenue issue from 1940, is valued at $3.00 for each fault-free, eye-appealing mint example.    -Mark Leon    I deal in United States Stamps  http://www

2016-10-16 Stamps (Philately) - Washington & Blue Oval Lincoln Profile:

Courtney Johnston,    Both stamps are common in used condition, and the unfortunate trimming of the surrounding paper so close to the design of the printed stamp, actually reduces whatever collectible

2016-10-09 Stamps (Philately) - Stamps printed on both sides.:

Prashant S Akerkar,    With regard to United States issues, there are no stamps where the design is printed on both sides (at least not on purpose).  However there are some commemorative and duck stamp

2016-10-09 Stamps (Philately) - Stamps printed on both sides.:

Dear Prashant,    Short answer, yes.    1)  There are stamps with the stamp image and value printed on one side and something else printed on the other side, like counting numbers or a logo or a description

2016-10-09 Stamps (Philately) - Stamps printed on both sides.:

Hi Prashant,  Thanks for the question,    Prasahant, Although not many compared to how many stamps are issued, there are some stamp issues that have been printed on both sides. Because my specialty is


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