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2017-03-24 Stamps (Philately) - South Australia Scott 24d:

Ah, so sorry, I mistook the 24d as the denomination of the stamp, and not the Scott number.    So the 24's are an imperf stamp.  Having it both perf and rouletted is highly suspicious.  Without being able

2017-03-23 Stamps (Philately) - U429o:

Ken,    Lacking a picture and condition information I cannot estimate a value for the item that you posses.  However, in 2012, Siegel Auctions estimated the value of U429o at $300-$400 and it realized

2017-03-06 Stamps (Philately) - Penny postcards:

Hi Barry,  This is just what I needed.  So both of these are in the category "Paid Reply Postal Cards".  Usually there is some message on the card, with a blank or pre-printed return card (that might have

2017-03-02 Stamps (Philately) - Penny postcards:

Hi Barry,   Well, we're getting closer, but still a bit off.  It sounds like these are phylatelically what we call "Postal Reply Cards".  Certainly the second one is, and the first may be also, if it's

2017-03-01 Stamps (Philately) - souvenir pages:

James,    The 1970's saw a stamp collecting boon, because people were looking for any investment that would protect their wealth from high inflation (and as it turned out, stamps were not the solution


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