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2017-03-23 Headaches/Migraines - neurons and neurotransmitters:

Ryan,    You would be correct! Its not random. NE, Dopamine, etc are released specifically for different reasons and also have specific receptors at specific sites.    But, that tells me your research

2017-03-20 Stress Management - Stress from Injury:

Dear Misty,    I'm sorry you are having pain.  I understand your frustration in your activity level, or I should say at this time, lack of activity . . . The fact that it has gone on this long would be

2017-03-14 Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Can't get over the trauma:

Linda, I am saddened to hear about your life's challenges that continue to this day, losing your son, husband, car and everything else along the way.    You can't make people behave differently than they

2017-02-28 Dealing with Stress - EARLY BIRD:

Hi Cameron    My apologies for the delayed response.  The website on which you submitted the question was malfunctioning.    I am not aware of any statistics around making appointments and preferred times

2017-02-13 Headaches/Migraines - hit my head:

Carolyn,    Hitting your head two weeks should not still be causing these issues unless their is something else going on.     Usually from these types of injuries it will effect the spine, which will in


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