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Stress Management

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2017-02-13 Headaches/Migraines - hit my head:

Carolyn,    Hitting your head two weeks should not still be causing these issues unless their is something else going on.     Usually from these types of injuries it will effect the spine, which will in

2017-01-30 Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Help!:

Jennifer, I am sad to hear that you have endured your trauma in silence for 20 years now and not found the solution to release these memories from your mind and body. The good news is that there IS a way

2017-01-18 Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome - My childhood:

Erica, I am sorry to hear of your lifetime of traumatic memories and experiences, any of which can setup PTSD symptoms. Unresolved traumas of any kind will linger until resolved/healed and for many years

2017-01-05 Working more efficiently - physical confidence:

7/1/2017    Hello Ali    Thank you for the question and Happy 2017    The thing is that you may be thinking there is a disconection betweeen body mind and soul.    Once you understand you have to make

2016-12-13 Balancing Career and Family - confusion in job:

Hey, Ritesh!    I think we all come to a crossroads sometime in our working lives. Not all decisions are easy, nor are the transitions.    With that said, I do believe that honesty is the best policy,


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