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Substance Abuse

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2017-02-20 Addiction to Alcohol - Sudden intolerance to alcohol after a period of cessation.:

It sounds like the alcohol is having some ill effects on your stomach lining  or even possibly your pancreas. Binge drinking can gradually have bad effects  which can make you more sensitive over time

2017-01-07 Addiction to Alcohol - Worried about a friends drinking and how to cope:

Julie,      Thank you for your questions.  They are good ones when facing the alcoholic tendencies of our friends and family.  What you describe is certainly consistent with alcoholism.  And you have discovered

2016-12-11 Addiction to Alcohol - Should I be worried about my boyfriend's drinking?:

Hello Minnie,    I understand your concern with your boyfriends drinking habits.  Many people start out drinking because it feels good or helps  them deal with difficult emotions. This self-medication


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