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2016-10-20 Anesthesiology - Anesthesia machine:

Hi there    Thanks for the question.      "there is no O2 sensor where it should be - just the cap"     This is not standard nor is it acceptable because as you note one cannot check the machine.    "they

2016-10-18 Oral Surgery - Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik- there is nothing wrong with having that test.  One thing from your description does not include a hairy appearance just a sensation.  A hairy sensation without a hairy appearance does not sound like

2016-10-12 Oral Surgery - Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik there is a way to provide a picture.  It is located at the end of your submission.  Anyway, it it not unusual in the area you describe to  get irritated reactions that can make the area look unusual

2016-10-10 Oral Surgery - 2nd opinion on possible implant:

Andrew, as you say, the films are not of the best quality, but from what I see, the extent of damage to the teeth will make it difficult to repair them and restore the strength they need to still function

2016-10-04 Oral Surgery - Lefort:

Hi,  I am not sure by things fall into your mouth rather than coming out of nose. I believe your palate has widened now and I assume it was brought forward by the second surgery. The flow of the air by


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