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2017-03-26 Anesthesiology - Chiils/sweats/nauseau/fatigue a month after surgery..:

It's not the anesthesia. Ondansetron is specifically for nausea but if it doesn't work, no need to take it. The only other reason I can think of for low grade fever and chills is a bacteremia (or subacute

2017-03-23 Oral Surgery - Gly Oxide vs Dry Socket:

Saffron -  do not use the glyoxide for a minimum of 5 days after the extraction.  It can break down the clot in the extraction socket and produce more problems, much worse than just a dry socket.  Gentle

2017-03-20 Oral Surgery - Found The Term.:

Sanjay - curettage is another name for scooping out the cyst.  A curett is the scooping device.  If there is adequate room in the hole made from the extraction, the cyst can easily be scooped from the

2017-03-17 Anesthesiology - Suboxone and anesthetic:

Surgeons are generally not trained in pain management and don't get paid to 'do it'--so your predicament is only surprising in that the "anesthetic doc" "seems" "unsure". A board-certified anesthesiologist

2017-03-15 Oral Surgery - Tongue:

Steve - The appearance indicative of trauma.  Warm salt water rinses is a good treatment.  If it remains sore, you can ask your dentist for a prescription of kenalog in orabase.  It is a gritty ointment


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