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2016-09-23 Oral Surgery - Re: unhappy with surgery result, 2nd surgery needed:

Zara -  I am sorry to hear about what you have endured.  I can see from the two pictures you provided that the doctor either did not plan the surgery properly or made some errors during the surgery. Revision

2016-09-20 Oral Surgery - Post-Wisdom teeth extraction socket complications:

Jessica -  Relax, the area of the extraction is healing well.  The red area is an area of slight inflammation.  It is important that you do not touch the area.  Just begin warm salt water (teaspoon of

2016-09-20 Plastic Surgery - Puncture wound:

Hi Kay,    Sorry for the delay in answering; there was apparently a glitch in the system.    You'll need to be seen by a hand surgeon to make sure there is no nerve damage.  Assuming there isn't, though

2016-09-15 Anesthesiology - Versed:

From time to time I have patients request not to have 'versed'.  I simply comply without argument.  As a patient is a reasonable to request not to have versed if you believe that it may have a negative

2016-09-11 Oral Surgery - Increased saliva production during extraction:

Patricia -  If your surgeon was skilled in anesthesia, he should have known to introduce atropine into the injection that he would give you for anesthesia.  The atropine is a common medication used by


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