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2016-12-05 Oral Surgery - One month after apicoectomy:

Sarah -  I wish I could be more exact, but without examining you or viewing xrays of the area, it is a little difficult.  With the symptoms you describe there is a possibility that the sinus was inflamed

2016-12-03 Anesthesiology - Risk of aspiration due to belching:

You should certainly inform the anesthesiologist of your problem. There are several anesthetic approaches to this procedure. The most common is probably a spinal anesthetic. In this case you would be sedated

2016-12-03 Oral Surgery - The Summary.:

sanjay -  What you are asking is so variable.  Everybody interprets pain differently.  Depending on your interpretation of what pain is, it can extend a while.  How long?  I cannot tell you how long.

2016-12-02 Oral Surgery - Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Kency - I am a little uncomfortable telling what to do exactly without a direct examination.  Saying that, the fact that you felt an improvement with warm salt water rinses.  With that result, there is

2016-12-01 Oral Surgery - Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Kency - It sounds like you have an infection.  You need to be examined by a different oral and maxillofacial surgeon and make sure this surgeon is board certified.  By now, even with Sjogrens, the inflammation


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