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2016-12-16 Springboard and Platform Diving - Springboard Diving 1 M distance problem:

Bailey - It is hard to coach diving over the internet so I will do my best. All divers go through this problem at some point in their career. Here are a few suggestions.     On the two dives you mention

2016-11-29 Springboard and Platform Diving - Gymnastics to diving part II platform training:

The area that you live (the greater northeast) is not know for having very many platforms so the Boston area is going to be the closest I believe. I would suggest going to, click on Find

2016-11-03 Springboard and Platform Diving - olympic diving:

Hi Aviva - I am going to give you some short answers to yo questions and then give you links to several websites that can help you with your project. The difference between men and women in diving is that

2016-10-20 Springboard and Platform Diving - looking for Pool and Trampoline Practice:

Miguel - The only program I know of in the Sacramento area is the Capital Divers in Rio Linda. The head coaches are DeDe Crayne and Phil Tonne. DeDe has a diving pool/trampoline in her backyard. Phil is


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