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Tattoo/Body Piercing

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2017-03-18 Ear & Body Piercing - I Can See My Snake Eyes Bar.:

Hello Kat,  These horizontal tongue piercings have a tendency to cause problems, and many of my colleagues no longer perform them as a choice to avoid disappointment.

2017-03-13 Ear & Body Piercing - Angle on ear lobe piercing:

Hello Charlotte,  If the piercings are not attractive to you, then you should consult with the piercer for a correction.     I hope that the pain was not out of the ordinary, but in some cases a piercing

2017-01-30 Ear & Body Piercing - Medusa Piercing:

Hello,  Lip jewelry can be troublesome for the reasons you mention. The main means of avoiding these issues is to have your piercer shorten the jewelry as soon as it is safe, and to expect to shorten it

2017-01-12 Ear & Body Piercing - swollen ear piercings:

Often a piercing done at an angle to the tissue other than perpendicular, or with a slightly irritating shape or material like steel or an alloy of gold (usually including copper, silver and trace metals)


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