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Tattoo/Body Piercing

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2016-09-12 Ear & Body Piercing - Navel piercing - questions at bottom of explanation:

Hi Samantha,  A visit to your nearby qualified professional piercer is a good idea. has a list of my colleagues locations.    1. The inner lining of a piercing shrinks like

2016-08-29 Ear & Body Piercing - White fluid from ear piercing:

Hello Cindy,  The piercing may have been irritated by a rough jewelry change, or a chemical reaction with hair or facial products and your jewelry. Pay attention to it for other signs of infection : heat

2016-07-07 Ear & Body Piercing - Lip infection?:

Please see your healthcare provider if you experience signs of infection: excessive heat, swelling, pain, redness, discolored discharge.    For future reference, you should bring any of the parts you can


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