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2017-04-21 Nonprofit Law - 501c3 How to Donate:

A 501(c)(3) organization may sell its assets but should get at least the fair market value at that time.     Harvey Mechanic  Attorney at Law    P.S. This information is given for

2017-04-21 Nonprofit Law - 501c3 How to Donate:

By "local school" it appears you are referring to a public school and, therefore, the answer is "yes". A 501(c)(3) organization may assist a public school district when the assistance is to benefit the

2017-04-18 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - georgia state tax om 401k withdrawal:

Beverly,    Thanks for your question.    There is no required withholding on a 401(k) withdrawal for the state of Georgia.However, you are probably looking at something in the range of 6% tax.     I would

2017-04-15 Nonprofit Law - 501 C 3:

No. Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) which is available at provides, in part, that the 501(c)(3) organization must be one of "Corporations, and any community chest,  fund, or

2017-04-14 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - ira:

Leo,     Thanks for your question.    When opening an account, or making additional contributions to it, you don't get any paperwork for file with your taxes.  Just deduct the amount of the deductible


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