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2016-08-05 Business & Technical Writing - school...:

Hi Hame,    The use of articles in English is one of the more ambiguous features of the language, and, truthfully, there are times when I have trouble making up my mind about whether to use an article

2016-07-25 Business & Technical Writing - correct please:

There is a small difference in the meanings of the two words, but it is small enough that I did not feel the sentence to be incorrect. I didn't even really notice "historical" in the sentence. I suppose

2016-07-25 Business & Technical Writing - correct please:

1. OK    2. OK    3. Last summer we went to London using round trip tickets there and back.    4. OK    5. OK    Note that 3 is not incorrect in terms of grammar, it's just not a very graceful construction

2016-06-01 Business & Technical Writing - 'Please find attached':

that is a clause that is tortured in its construction. In addition, the word 'find' suggests that the recipient will have to search for whatever is attached when, in fact, the attached item requires no


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