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2016-09-06 Teenage Problems - Personal Stuff:

Hi,    I'm in no position to judge, no one is. I'm not sure what you want my opinion about. We've all done things that we're not proud of. What's important is that we learn from our mistakes and move on

2016-09-05 How to Know if He/She - Reconnecting:

Hello Pamela!    Thank you for writing in, and for your generous donation. It's most appreciated. :)    Let's dive right into your question, shall we? :) First, let me just say that there is undeniably

2016-08-25 Teen Dating Issues - does he like me?:

Hi Samaira    I dont think you can tell by someones pupils if they like you or not. I would say if he is your teacher from school than you shouldn't be concerned if he likes you or not. You dont want to

2016-08-19 Teenage Problems - Is it wrong to read books with mature content?:

Hi Kamisama,    Thank you for writing to me.  You stated that once in a while, you read books that might have a mature content.  I do not see anything wrong with that at 17 years of age.  If you read a

2016-08-10 Teen Dating Issues - Does he like me:

Hi     With guys it's just hard to tell sometimes. Lol. If I were you I would slow down on how often you communicate with him. Maybe once a week send a quick text saying hello. If the conversation goes


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