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2016-09-28 How to Know if He/She - Interested?:

Hi Allison!    Yes, he's trying to be careful here, because it seems that he has an idea that you might be interested, but he's not 100% certain. He's kind of trying to gauge your interest and see where

2016-09-25 How to Know if He/She - Interested?:

Hi Allison!    Thank you for writing to me, and for your patience with me. I'm sure that by now, he probably already got back to you, but I'll take a crack at your question anyway. :)    As to his feelings

2016-09-06 Teenage Problems - Personal Stuff:

Hi,    I'm in no position to judge, no one is. I'm not sure what you want my opinion about. We've all done things that we're not proud of. What's important is that we learn from our mistakes and move on

2016-09-05 How to Know if He/She - Reconnecting:

Hello Pamela!    Thank you for writing in, and for your generous donation. It's most appreciated. :)    Let's dive right into your question, shall we? :) First, let me just say that there is undeniably

2016-08-25 Teen Dating Issues - does he like me?:

Hi Samaira    I dont think you can tell by someones pupils if they like you or not. I would say if he is your teacher from school than you shouldn't be concerned if he likes you or not. You dont want to


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