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2016-07-18 Global Telecom - Cat6 cable for backbone network.:

Prashant,    Yes, it could be used, but it is important to to first look at the physical length of the run for the cable, as well as the required data capacity. Fiber will give you much higher data rates

2016-07-05 Global Telecom - SMS Encryption.:

Prashant,    Yes it can be encryption. A simple search will show a variety of different software apps to provide SMS encryption, for example:    Blackberry:

2016-07-04 Global Telecom - Rechargeable or Non rechargeable batteries Thumb Rule.:

Yes, but it would be important to ensure that some means is incorporated to ensure that non-rechargeable batteries are not subjected to a charging input because of potential damage or safety issues. On

2016-07-03 Global Telecom - Rechargeable or Non rechargeable batteries Thumb Rule.:

I am not sure specifically what the context of your question is but if you are referring specifically to installing a replacement battery in an electronic device, then the key factors to consider are:

2016-07-03 Global Telecom - Fixed Landline Telephone Power Requirement.:

That depends upon the specific make and model of telephone - there is no standard voltage with from a power adaptor or battery. The voltage which comes in on the telephone line itself is defined but that


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