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2017-04-10 Global Telecom - Battery eliminators for Smartphone devices.:

Prashant,    In my opinion, taking into account the average amount of time that a cellphone can be used with a single charge, and the variety of options available for charging a cellphone, I do not see

2017-04-09 Global Telecom - Battery eliminators for Portable two way radio.:

Prashant,    In my opinion, it would be of limited usefulness and in specific applications only. Portable radios are normally used because the user wants the portability which would be lost with a battery

2017-04-07 Global Telecom - Battery eliminators for Wireless CCTV cameras.:

Prashant,    I am sorry to give you such a brief answer, but the usefulness of a battery eliminator would depend very much on the specifics of the situation. Clearly if there is access to an alternate

2017-04-05 Global Telecom - Smartphone as a Barometer device.:

Prashant,    To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in the smartphones which could be used to measure the air pressure, therefore without an additional hardware accessory, I do not believe that

2017-04-02 Global Telecom - Smartphone as a Projector device.:

Prashant,    Good to hear from you again.    Yes it is feasible and in fact there are options today using that very apporoach. This link provides some examples of approaches that can be used. All that


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