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Thyroid Disease

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2016-10-23 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - diabetes:

Don,    It is possible to develop type 1 diabetes at any age, not just in childhood, so it may be that you have that type (that requires insulin) as opposed to the type associated with insulin resistance

2016-10-23 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - Energy:

James,    No, the questions were definitely not rhetorical ones.  As I mentioned, many different things can contribute to fatigue, and I was just asking you about some of the more common ones.  For many

2016-10-23 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - Energy:

James,    I'm not sure that I have a good answer to your questions!  Many things can contribute to overall feelings of fatigue, including too little or too much physical activity, insufficient intake of

2016-10-08 Thyroid Problems - Treatment of underactive thyroid except for the medication:

My range for TSH for functional medicine is 1.3-2.0.     Aside from the physical activity, I would look into supporting your adrenal glands. They set the sleep and wake cycle, and typically are out of

2016-10-07 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - root cause of insulin resistance:

Chris,    I believe the underlying cause of insulin resistance is low-level systemic inflammation. A number of things can contribute to that, including the ones you mentioned, but it may be most closely


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