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2017-01-13 Trucking - Broker:

Tim;      Dump truck loads are 99% local hauling and brokers rarely get involved with them. You would need to fin doubt what company local to you uses owner operators and see if you can do work for them

2017-01-10 Trucking - dump trucks:

Tim;      You have a couple of options with this.      1.  You can lease yourself out to another company and work under their DOT authority.  That way you don't have to get your own operating authority

2017-01-05 Tips on Buying Cars - leased car:

Hi Lee,  If you continue the lease, yes it is cheaper, but you are still renting the car. I do not recommend re-leasing, nor buying it, but if miles are good, car is in good shape, then yes it is a viable

2016-12-04 Tips on Buying Cars - mileage:

Thank you for the great question. A Carfax or auto check report has so much useful  information that people aren't even aware of I am glad  to have this chance to share with you and others what I look

2016-11-20 Trucking - Curious:

Dan;    First off, sorry for the delay.  I was on vacation.     Anyway, when you take your Class C CDL test, it will have to be in a vehicle that requires a Class C CDL.  So a Class C bus would be a good


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