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2017-01-06 UK Car Repair - Question:

M Stations    All frequencies in this section are in MHz unless otherwise stated. The FM broadcast band stretches from 87.5 to 108 MHz. All stations listed in this section broadcast in stereo.    Most

2016-12-21 UK Car Repair - Question:

Does your laws take points only for three things really?Drinking, speeding, killing?Where are taking of points for wrong parking & many many other - big load in the car, many people in the car, drinking

2016-12-14 UK Car Repair - Question:

12 points then you get a ban    11 points = no ban    Over 100MPH speeding - almost certainly get a ban.  Way over 100MPH possibly go to prison.    speeding 2,3 or 5 points  Drink - ban  Kill, maim, use

2016-12-14 UK Autos - Question:

The UK system is totally different when have a UK Driving Licence you start off with 0 points on it, then if you commit any driving offences points are added to your licence, if you reach 12 points before

2016-12-09 UK Car Repair - Question:

Maybe they send them maybe they don't I dont know.    Cheapest lessons - 15 an hour upward. Get so many free lessons with a deal etc.    its about 70 an hour for any lorry lesson, maybe 55-100 depending


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