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2016-08-04 UK Car Repair - SU Carburettor jets:

I suppose the jets and needles are physically the same or very similar between the carbs same as the jets, lean STD rich... , I dont see there being a problem building a carb out of all different bits

2016-07-01 UK Car Repair - Opel Astra 1995:

Sorry for late reply my email is a mess.     One check - if this isn't the original engine, the knock wire might have been ripped off in the swap process, then had the loom tape wrapped over the exposed

2016-03-22 UK Car Repair - speedo:

The electric speedometer works from a pulse gotten from a magnet being passed by the ABS ring notches, or something similar. if the sensor has a bad earth, low input signal power, rattling loose connections

2016-03-16 UK Car Repair - Astra F knocking sensor:

One thing to check, if its not the original engine it could have had the knock wring ripped off in the swap process and had the loom tape wrapped over the exposed pieces, happens more often than I'd like


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