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2016-11-29 Living on a Budget, Saving - Play it safe?:

Dear Bill,    It sounds like you are wise in your money management.  It sounds like your thirteen year old car has served you well, but has reached the "nickel and dime" stage, which as we all know, will

2016-11-29 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - What's considered "income"?:

James,    Thanks for your question.    The funds from your father are not taxable income to you, but he may need to file a gift tax return. No tax would be due on that amount, but since it exceeds the

2016-11-28 Retirement Planning - I.R.A. due to mature:

Bob,    The reason I divorced myself from the stock market is its unpredictable nature. If I were to say variable is better, I could be leading you astray. Were I to say fixed is better, the market could

2016-11-26 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Does a person have to report the:

Your question is only half a question; I need more detail to make sense of what you really want to know    If you send money out of the USA do those people have to report it? Or do the people inside the

2016-11-26 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Does a person have to report the IRS that he:

Yes, when the gift tax filing threshold is met with a gift of more than $14,000 to individuals that are not your spouse, the IRS Form 709 (please see for more info)


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