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2016-12-29 Aeronautical Engineering - VAWT induction factor:

Sorry Bill, your formula is too hard to read. And even if I could I don't know where it comes from or what it represents. Normally, when describing the solution to this kind of engineering problem one

2016-12-28 Aeronautical Engineering - VAWT induction factor:

William - I would have to see your analysis to know what you are doing. I believe that can be attached as a pdf file. Considering a flow through a rotor disc, the force on the disc (thrust) is equal to

2016-12-02 Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines - What happens when a person joins the military in the?:

Respondent,    Good Afternoon and Happy New Year.      First Question:  By can't handle do you mean they are not a proficient shooter or they have a moral objection to combat?  If a person is not proficient

2016-11-17 Aeronautical Engineering - Perpetual Motion Machines:

No, you do not have a perpetual motion machine because it requires a battery for power that gets depleted. In short, the motion is not perpetual.    Perpetual motion is impossible because all moving systems

2016-11-13 Military Policy & Weapons - CIA-JSOC-President meeting in novel:

Giulia:    Wow. What a plot you have there! Let me see if I can break down the decision-making a bit to enhance the verisimilitude.    First, in the scenario you outline, I would favor a "covert" vs a


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