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2017-02-05 Aeronautical Engineering - Wallpaper fixing in commercial aircrafts.:

I lack full knowledge of aircraft interiors to be able to completely answer your question, but I will tell you what I know.    The primary concern of aircraft design is weight, then safety such as flammability

2017-01-31 Aeronautical Engineering - Seats location in Commercial airlines.:

Not sure, but I assume you can get more passengers in a space sitting unidirectional because you put your feet below the seat ahead. In bidirectional seating, people would not like to have their feet touching

2017-01-27 Aeronautical Engineering - Fish tanks in Commercial Airlines.:

It might be possible, for example fish tanks can be made with  sealed tops and decorations glued so that air turbulence would not harm them. They can also be made with very little width to keep weight

2017-01-22 Military Policy & Weapons - Combat reports in Iraq and Afghanistan regarding weapon use.:

Ian:    The sidearm is a last ditch weapon, and usually isn't used by the infantry. To my knowledge and that of a military expert I consulted, such usage of a sidearm is not recorded. The only advice I

2016-12-29 Aeronautical Engineering - VAWT induction factor:

Sorry Bill, your formula is too hard to read. And even if I could I don't know where it comes from or what it represents. Normally, when describing the solution to this kind of engineering problem one


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