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2016-10-26 Aeronautical Engineering - Heat loss of an axial compressor:

It is difficult to generalize about the insulation quality of compressors because each design is different. I doubt any are perfectly insulated. If you are asking how to calculate the heat loss through

2016-10-06 Naval Architecture (Ship Building) - Query re weather and submarines:

The Seaquest episode wouldn't happen as shown, seawater is a good conductor of electricity and the charge would dissipate into the ocean.  A hurricane will be felt by a submarine, down to about 200ft.

2016-08-15 Aeronautical Engineering - International airport design.:

There is no clear answer. It really depends on the space available and the foresight of the designers. I would say (generally) that most airports are designed to include terminal expansion up to 20yrs

2016-08-15 Aeronautical Engineering - International airport design.:

In the USA, the FAA and Customs keeps tract of the number of flights and their origin and destination. Airport terminal architects can reference this data and estimate the number of flights, along with

2016-08-08 Aeronautical Engineering - aircraft engineer to aeronautical engineer:

The quick answer is... your not likely to be given an opportunity to design aircraft.    Aircraft designers are usually chosen from long standing employees and work in teams. For example the wing design


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