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Vegetarian Cuisine

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2016-09-18 Special Diets - Dehydrating Ground Beef:

Hi,    Well I already answered some of this on rawpaleoforum in my other guise as TylerDurden. Heating at 104 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius would be better. Long-term RVAFers are happy to eat raw

2016-09-07 Veganism - affording the lifestyle:

Hi Karen,    Thank you for reaching out to me about your concerns over the treatment of animals and vegetarianism. I completely agree that factory-farmed animals are severely mistreated. I feel for them

2016-08-25 Growing Vegetables - Growing vegetables:

Andrew,    I have never used molasses in my water when growing vegetables, so I do not know if it would work or not.  I feed my soil using organic fertilizers and amendments.  I dig or till these in just

2016-07-19 Growing Vegetables - birds:

Will,    Birds can wretch havoc to a garden.  The best way is to cover the plants; try to find out what time of day the birds are worse and cover them then.  Another option is to attract the birds away

2016-07-02 Growing Vegetables - All year cropping of tomatoes using green house:

Laurie,    I do not have any specific site or book that could give you blueprint on growing.   When planning to grow for sale the first thing I would recommend is doing market research on who is your market


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