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2016-11-11 Special Diets - Dietary Changes and tomato Cravings:

Hi Sarah,    I think you may be asking the wrong expert, because a) I am unfamiliar with the in-depth specifics/results of the Kempner diet (which is quite an old-fashioned one) and b) I specialise in

2016-11-08 Organic Gardens - Packaged soil vs adding nutrients:

Miracle Grow, and others, actually have organic fertilizers now....  these are all available on if you can't

2016-11-07 Growing Vegetables - Unknown Veggies:

Riggiez,    They look like they are both edible.  The round yellow one is a summer squash, similar to a zucchini in texture.  I would peel it and cook in a stir fry or in soup.   The other one also looks

2016-10-20 Special Diets - cleansing:

Hi,    Some people cite healthy raw animal fats in general as being detoxifying. Colon-cleansing enemas and using fibre etc. to cleanse out the bowels is only useful if one is eating a toxin-filled cooked

2016-10-18 Vegetarian Foods - Veggie bread?:    Hello,  These are great.  Using no sugar and only coconut flour.  If you look up Paleo baked goods there are many others recipes that look just great.  


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