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2016-10-20 Special Diets - cleansing:

Hi,    Some people cite healthy raw animal fats in general as being detoxifying. Colon-cleansing enemas and using fibre etc. to cleanse out the bowels is only useful if one is eating a toxin-filled cooked

2016-10-18 Vegetarian Foods - Veggie bread?:    Hello,  These are great.  Using no sugar and only coconut flour.  If you look up Paleo baked goods there are many others recipes that look just great.  

2016-10-18 Vegetarian Foods - Veggie bread?:

Go to your local nature food store and see if you can find a bread that she's not contain rice.  I'm sure there are some gluten free made from other grains.  If not then ruin a search online. Gluten free

2016-09-21 Growing Vegetables - Rototilling:

Hi Ian,  Sorry I have not replied sooner.  When composting it is best to have an even mix of green and brown matter as well as proper moisture.  The mix of materials will keep the smell down, flies away

2016-09-18 Special Diets - Dehydrating Ground Beef:

Hi,    Well I already answered some of this on rawpaleoforum in my other guise as TylerDurden. Heating at 104 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius would be better. Long-term RVAFers are happy to eat raw


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