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2017-02-19 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog shaking his head:

Having slightly itchy ears is one of the early warning signs that his energy balance (vital force, Chi, Pranna) is out of balance (see end of response). If it is suppressed with drugs or incorrect treatment

2017-02-18 Rabbits - Agression in Californian doe:

Sydney,    Glad to hear you're getting things back to normal with Belle and Lucifer. I'd recommend maybe reaching out to local rescues and shelters to see who they use for spays and neuters, and also inquire

2017-02-16 Rabbits - My rabbit drinks and pees soooo much:

Hi Nathalie    Some rabbits will drink a lot but they shouldn't be developing urine scald and be wet behind.    Has he had a course of antibiotics or been tested for a urinary tract infection? I would

2017-02-14 Rabbits - Agression in Californian doe:

Sydney,    How nice of your mini lop to assist! LoL  I'm sorry you're having trouble and I'll do my best to assist.    Did Belle and Rascal ever live together? Is everyone (including Lucifer) fixed?  

2017-02-12 Ask the Veterinarian - cat had pyometra:

It is uncommon in cats, but so is pyometra.   If your vet knows the problem then they are best at treating it.     The problem is that there are not many medications that are safe for cats to fix this


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