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2017-01-23 Reptiles - Bearded dragon lighting issue:

Hello Anita,    Ok, great, let me know what type of thermometer you got today.    The distance is fine on the 160 watt, but you could probably move it a little closer as long as there is proper ventilation

2017-01-23 Rabbits - Hysterectomy v's Ovariohysterectomy:

Hi, Kate    Nothing published yet, but I must say I love the results of the simple hysterectomy.  The girls who have their ovaries are better at social interactions and much easier to bond to other rabbits

2017-01-22 Reptiles - Bearded dragon lighting issue:

Hello Anita,    Which brand of Mercury vapor bulb do you have?  A 160 watt is pretty powerful for a 40 gallon, but, if you have it far enough away then it should be fine.  As long as you are monitoring

2017-01-22 Rabbits - Flesh Dying/Falling Off-vet unsure-pictures in post:

Dear Allira,    I am so sorry about the loss of your friends to the horrific, unethical, and cruel methods of the Australian government.  They have no shame, and they are exposing the entire world to the

2017-01-20 Ask the Veterinarian - Micro liver shunt:

Sorry for the delay. I have been researching for the best person to help you with the diet. I also want to cover other approaches your dog may really benefit from. I have seen liver shunt dogs live 5-10


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