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2016-10-21 Ask the Veterinarian - Sore on cats hind leg:

This is one of those things that needs to be seen by your veterinarian when he gets it next time.  There is no way I could even offer advice on something like this. Because they are re-occurring, this

2016-10-18 Ask the Veterinarian - Westie Not Eating:

I certainly think they are jumping very fast to a diagnosis of cancer, but of course, I am not looking at her and her tests.   This is the time to begin to work with a great integrative vet (not all are

2016-10-14 Wild Animals - What to feed Baby Chipmunks:

Dear Azim,    Best bet is to find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and get them there as fast as possible.  In the meantime, here are sites that can help:

2016-10-14 Ask the Veterinarian - kitten:

He is now 4 weeks old and he may not be tolerating the milk. At his age, we normally start to wean them off of milk and onto softened kitten food. Many kittens find the kitten milk replacer to be too rich

2016-10-11 Rabbits - My bunny:

Hi JJ    How is your bunny doing? It sounds like is racing about could have sprained or fractured one of the fragile bones in his foot if he's still lame on it. Only a vet and an X-ray could confirm. Rabbits


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