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2017-01-15 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat urinating on furniture:

HiJared,  I know how extremely frustrating this can be, having been through it myself.   However, since you mentioned that she has a clean bill of health, which is great, then we can conclude that this

2017-01-12 Rabbits - Broken pelvic bone:

Dear Honey    It's good that he's eating.  That means the pain is not so much that he can't manage it.  But I would recommend you get a second opinion and at least get something like Tramadol for pain

2017-01-11 Wild Animals - Cascade effect etc.:

Dear Geoffrey  Thank you for your questions. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites I used. Please note that large and small species of animals can cause cascade effects    https://en.wikipedia

2017-01-11 Rabbits - Broken pelvic bone:

Usually pelvic fractures need time to heal and sometimes intervention such as pinning if there is an actual break,which to me looks like there is, but I cannot give a 100 % veterinary opinion as I am not

2017-01-09 Ask the Veterinarian - Blastocyosis:

While garlic is a good health booster and you certainly could use it, the best way to help your Pyrenees is to begin to work with a homeopathic or TCVM (traditional chinese veterinary medicine) vet right


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