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2017-02-05 Vintage Cars - vintage vw beetle maintenance:

I don't know beetles at all (check my expertise), but if you can get to the battery there is no reason why you can't jump-start it: all you're doing is providing the 12V needed, right at the battery terminals

2017-02-01 Cadillac Repair - 1989 Cadillac Sedan Deville:

Hi Norma,    As for brake wear working with GMs since 1973 (damn I am old lol) even when they introduced anti locks, I never ran across a common denominator between having abs and not for wear.  Sometimes

2017-01-11 Cadillac Repair - Ignition Coil Circuit #1:

Hi,    Ok, now he is replacing plugs, bit my concrn is that you saind it ran fine before changing the intake, and then it ran rough. The coil was change out and would not start. As i said, i wanted you

2016-12-27 Cadillac Repair - Ignition Coil Circuit #1:

Hi Christine,    I am of the same mindset as to replacing parts on a guess. Although GM was notorious for crankshaft sensor issues, I would opt not to listen to this suggestion and here is why. If you

2016-12-18 Classic/Antique Car Repair - Changing 21" Model A tires:

Sure, if you are a young man. Not easy, but I can still manage one at a time. Break the seal. Could be hard. Take tire off. Put on new rubber bands on the wheel. This will protect the new tube from the


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