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2017-03-21 Tires - Tire "cupping":

Jim,    Cupping means quite a few different things.  The easiest way to say this is *irregular wear* - of which there are several kinds.  Most common cause is low inflation pressure and lack of rotation

2017-03-21 Tires - lug nnut torgue:

Jerry,    Yes, The standard recommendation is that lug nuts need to be retorqued on alloy wheels after 50 or so miles.     - HOWEVER -     Not only am I of the opinion that what the torque spec ought to

2017-03-14 Classic/Antique Car Repair - 3rd member:

Try this website...    GM 8.5" Rear - 28 Spline  10 bolt cover with 8.5" ring gear. Ring gear has 10 bolts and pinion has 30 spline. C/clip rear could have 28

2017-03-11 Cadillac Repair - overheat:

Hello,Your tech may be right on waterpump, but could be wrong too.  It does sound like a circulation issue, but there are many things in Cadillac cooling systems that can cause circulation issues.  I assume

2017-02-05 Vintage Cars - vintage vw beetle maintenance:

I don't know beetles at all (check my expertise), but if you can get to the battery there is no reason why you can't jump-start it: all you're doing is providing the 12V needed, right at the battery terminals


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