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2017-04-22 Cadillac Repair - Dash Warning Lights:

Hi, I hope you are doing well.  You are asking me a question I am not qualified to answer without being at the vehicle and having the ability to scan the computer electronically when it comes to these

2017-04-14 Classic/Antique Car Repair - transmission:

I don't believe it's over full. If anything, it's ost likely a little low.  As long as it shifts into gear ok, it's good to drive. You won't know the exact  fluid level until you drive her for about 15

2017-03-30 Cadillac Repair - 86 fleetwood:

Hello,    I apologize, but I need more information.  You state you changed the fuel center on digtal dash and that did not solve your problem. Then you satate the heater is no longer illuminated.  Did

2017-03-29 Cadillac Repair - Re: 96 Deville:

Hello,    I am not looking at the car which puts me at a disadvantage. Sometimes, there will be seperation in the padded horn area. That may or may not be the issue.    I have run across bad air bag clock

2017-03-29 Cadillac Repair - 1996 deville:

Hi,    I would tell you to look at the pinch area inside the driver's door where the pillar meets the hinges.  It has been extremely common over the years to find broken wires inside the rubber boot. Disconnect


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