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2016-11-24 Vintage Cars - 85 300D not charging:

Have you pulled the dash pod?   If you are getting power to the pin then most likely you have a crack or beak in the copper traces that are the connections between the various components of the dash  

2016-11-16 Cadillac Repair - Re; Caddy 4.5:

Hi,    While it is not the correct way to fix the problem like changing head gaskets would be, it is an inexpensive repair. The only caveat is that it may seal forever and maybe not because of a truly

2016-10-26 Cadillac Repair - Re: Trunk won't close:

Hi Jim,    If your pull down motor is not working and you need a temporary fix, no problem.    Open the trunk so you are looking at the bottom of the lid. Remove the surrounding trim around the trunk latch

2016-10-19 Cadillac Repair - anti theft:

Hi,    A blast from the past---Here is GM's slip shod bypass that did in fact work.   You can also go to Directed Electronics and get a 555L module

2016-10-19 Cadillac Repair - Re; Caddy 4.5:

Hello,    It sounds like you have one or two blown headgaskets. Normally, You don't know what you are getting into here. You have an aluminum engine that literally melts when overheating. until the engine


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