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2016-10-19 Cadillac Repair - anti theft:

Hi,    A blast from the past---Here is GM's slip shod bypass that did in fact work.   You can also go to Directed Electronics and get a 555L module

2016-10-19 Cadillac Repair - Re; Caddy 4.5:

Hello,    It sounds like you have one or two blown headgaskets. Normally, You don't know what you are getting into here. You have an aluminum engine that literally melts when overheating. until the engine

2016-10-16 Classic/Antique Car Repair - 1969 Ford Mustang engine problem:

Hi Charles,    I suggest you do a major tune up on your car including carb. rebuild, plug wire replacement,etc.    Here's why: It's difficult to give you a good diagnosis from here because it sounds like

2016-10-16 Tires - Non-Matching Front and rear tires:

Damon,    Because of the peculiar nature of 911's, Porsche has a specification they call an *N Spec*, where they indicate which tires are compatible with this peculiar nature of 911's.    So unless the

2016-10-11 Classic/Antique Car Repair - 73 Chevy pickup backfire:

The ready things to check first is for a cracked distributor cap or miss wired plug wires. If they are ok then a compression check of the engine is in order. The possibilitys are burned intake valve, bad


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