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2016-09-30 Volleyball - Blocking a serve? When? How? Is it a hit?:

Good afternoon!  I'm glad that you've visited!   This is where people can get complete answers to their vball questions.      First:  I don't know of any rule book that now allows for

2016-09-30 Volleyball - Blocking a serve:

Hello Terry!    Can you tell me what rule book you were using?    I'm very familiar with the rule books of the National Federation & USAVolleyball.

2016-09-30 Volleyball - Can the libero serve for someone who has already served some points??:

Good evening!    Welcome to!      I have thought about your question; but, I'm not sure what "this" is when you say, "Is this legal?"   Are you asking:  A) Is it legal to change servers


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