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2017-04-13 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - Back surgery with bad insurance:

Hi Amber, thanks for the question.  The best thing you can do is call the member services phone number on her eligibility letter or the back of her enrollment card. They will be able to provide you with

2017-04-03 Property & Casualty Insurance - Assoc. Dock Insurance:

Hey Tom,    Most certainly coverage is available for your exposures. I recommend that you contact a local independent agent. If you're not sure if there is one close by, you can google the Independent

2017-03-29 Auto Insurance Claims - Hospital settlement:

Dear John,     I need some information--first, what state are you in?  I know that in Washington, there is no way a hospital could do that--and part of the reason is our state insurance commissioner having

2017-03-28 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - inhertiance medicaid:

Carolyn,    Going without health insurance can be a dangerous proposition. It sounds like you need some individualized advice because every state has different Medicaid eligibility rules. You should call

2017-03-20 Insurance Law - Pitbulls:

Hi Paul-    Very good question.  Generally, the liability would be on the renter, but the person who was bit could still name the landlord in a lawsuit. I doubt though whether the property policy would


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