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2017-01-03 Meteorology (Weather) - clarification re: lightning and thunder:

Hi Bobbi    I would say that a threat for harm from a thunderstorm would be that thunder would be near but  a strike from overhead would result in thunder heard simultaneously or slightly after the stroke

2017-01-01 Meteorology (Weather) - lightning and thunder:

Hi Bobbi    Light and lightning is faster than sound. So, it would be likely that a cloud to ground lightning strike directly above you could not be heard prior to the lightning hitting the ground.   

2016-12-25 Meteorology (Weather) - Inconsistencies on weather page:

Hi Richard    Typically the lowest temperature for a 24 hour day occurs around 4 to 5 am (an hour before sunrise); however, if a weather system , high or low pressure, cold /warm fronts, are in the area

2016-11-18 Meteorology (Weather) - dust devil rotation:

Hi Terry    Let's start with this: In the northern hemisphere the winds around low pressure areas rotate counter clock-wise.    Most major weather systems are influenced by temperature and pressure gradient

2016-11-18 Meteorology (Weather) - Why low pressure at Front:

Hi Terry,     I've heard a few theories on why this is the case, but this is the explanation that makes the most sense to me. To the west of the front, the sinking air warms more rapidly, but it's still


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