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2016-10-10 Meteorology (Weather) - Probability of Change:

I am sorry to say that the reason for the 90% chance of rain is a Pacific depression that will cover the whole of the Washington state, Oregon and northern Californian coast for the majority of Friday

2016-10-10 Meteorology (Weather) - Recent hurricane path change:

Hi Natalie    Very doubtful in that tropical storms, i.e., hurricanes, derive their energy from warm sea water along with little upper air wind shear that would rip the storm apart.    For more on hurricanes

2016-09-22 Meteorology (Weather) - Weather Basics:

Hi James, The standard introductory text is Meteorology Today by C. Donald Ahrens. That should give you a good grounding in the basics, however, if you want to study meteorology more in depth, you'll need

2016-08-31 Meteorology (Weather) - Rain in other planets.:

Yes, it does "rain" on other planets, although you have to remember that their "rain" is not our rain.    On the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn it has been suggested that it "rains" diamonds due to lightning

2016-08-31 Meteorology (Weather) - Rainbow visibility in Desert.:

Hi Prashant     The answer is yes.    When the sun is low on the horizon with the sunlight going through falling rain, with the cloudiness above the falling rain, a rainbow will result.    https://eo.ucar


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