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2017-03-04 Meteorology (Weather) - Monthly mean temperature 'inversions':

Hi Vince    See if these help:

2017-03-01 Meteorology (Weather) - Monthly mean temperature 'inversions':

Hi Vince    2016-17 has been unusual in that the jet stream has been displace further west and north than normal thus allowing warmer air into the central and eastern USA. It is not a frequent occurrence

2017-02-22 Meteorology (Weather) - Weather charts:

Hi Alex    An isobar is a line on a surface weather map that indicates atmospheric barometric pressure that is the same reading on all points on that line.    An isallobar is a line on a surface weather

2017-01-27 Meteorology (Weather) - Weather for Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana.:

Hi Terry    The great lakes is a good source of moisture for precipitation all year around. But, in addition,  those three states are often the entry point from Canada of cold fronts, Alberta clippers

2017-01-03 Meteorology (Weather) - clarification re: lightning and thunder:

Hi Bobbi    I would say that a threat for harm from a thunderstorm would be that thunder would be near but  a strike from overhead would result in thunder heard simultaneously or slightly after the stroke


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