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2017-02-02 Web Design - Dreamweaver Text over Image:

Howdy Jim,    The answer to this question really depends on how your page is set up. If your site does NOT scroll, you could simple set a background image on the body. If it does scroll and you have numerous

2017-01-08 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Website Redirection Issue:

Hello - To find out who owns a Domain or if it is registered you can go to...   or - Icann has a few more options.    To find a URL that you paid for

2017-01-05 Web Design - What a webmaster sees:

I apologize for the delay - I'd replied via mobile device, but apparently it didn't go through.    To answer your question, yes - you should assume every webmaster can track your every move - including

2016-12-13 Web Design - business potential:

Hi, Sandeep,     Ok, before we can address your question in any kind of totality it's vital to point out that first of all, (unfortunately) I'm not familiar with running or operating a business venture

2016-12-08 Web Design - WordPress Blog Page:

Hi Dave.    The answer depends largely on what theme you're using, and possibly where it's hosted.   Is this a site, or one you've installed from    Also, it might be helpful


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