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2016-12-24 Marriage - Why i do not forget my Ex bf!!!:

Hi Tina~    You can't control how you feel about someone, it's just a part of life and being human when you have feelings and emotions. I think you think you still have "feelings" for him bc of the kind

2016-12-24 Marriage - Why i do not forget my Ex!!!:

Tina,    We all have a good side and a bad side, a healthy side and an unhealthy side, a stable side and a wild side, etc.  Who we get involved with is a reflection of that.  You have not been able to

2016-11-24 Marriage - Remarriage after widowhood:

Bethany,    This almost sounds like a homework question haha. I don't know of any studies, but I'll give you my experience. Divorces happen because relationship issues overwhelm people in their marriage


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