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2016-12-02 Windows XP - CONNECTING WD TO WINDOWS XP:

This sounds like a simple issue with Drive initialization. Drive initialization can be done from Disk Management in system tools. When you have a brand new hard drive it will need to be initialized in

2016-11-11 Windows 7 - Modifying text in website comment fields:

Hello Michael    Typically the ctrl-b is the method to get your text in bold however depending on the website's comment text box it may not allow this and other 'hidden' methods may be necessary.     The

2016-10-31 Windows 8 - desktop:

Hello again Richard.    So let me try to re-phrase my answer.    1) Has the photo been scanned from a A) physical photo on paper or b) was it taken with a digital camera?  If a) then scan it again with

2016-10-30 Windows 8 - desktop:

Hello Richard, thanks for your question!    Well, if the pictures are from a scan, scan them again with a higher resolution. You cannot create info (data) for a sharper picture that isn't there. You can

2016-10-27 Windows 7 - keyboard entry:

Hello Again    To be honest, if you have tried everything and you are still having issues.. and this is a wireless keyboard then I would suggest trying a new wireless keyboard.. my guess is you got a bad


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