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2016-10-20 Windows XP - OS 7 FORMAT PROBLEM:

Greetings James,    Although this question does not directly relate to Windows XP, since it has to do with Windows in general, I have some ideas for you:     - Most USB drives tend to utilize FAT (File

2016-10-19 Windows 7 - Power meter:

Thanks for the follow-up.    This next set of instructions should allow you to re-enable the greyed out option.  After following these steps, follow the first set of instructions as needed.  Please note

2016-10-19 Windows 7 - Power meter:

Hello Wayne    If you haven't already performed a restart of your computer, you should do so.  There is also a good chance that windows updates may be required and/or malware has removed this.    I suggest

2016-10-19 Windows 7 - Power meter:

Thanks for your question, Wayne!     Re-enabling this feature is pretty straightforward.    -First, you're going to go down to your Taskbar (the area with the icons). Right click, and select 'Properties'

2016-10-01 Windows 8 - Choosing a Windows Ver.:

Hi Chris,  If this were my notebook or one of my clients I would recommend they stay with Windows 10. I did not care for 8 or 8.1 too much.    Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Home and Home Premium do not give you


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