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2017-03-06 Windows 7 - schedule task:

Is that file opened or locked by another application? If it is, a batch file will probably not work since you will need to end the process locking the file.    I can't view the screenshot (too small) but

2017-02-24 Windows 8 - Windows 8 Crashing:

Hi Del!    Don't worry, I didn't think you are a "wee boy" who has no ideas about computers.  I have an IT degree myself and fiddle with computers since I was 8 with a C64. 27 years of computer experience

2017-02-24 Windows 8 - Windows 8 Crashing:

Hi there    you cannot rule out that it's a driver issue just because it works in windows 7 and does not in windows 8.1. different windows versions have different HALs (Hardware Abstraction Layers) and

2017-02-14 Windows 8 - new computer setup:

Hi Richard!    I'll just go in order and answer your questions:    You do not need to partition the disk. Organizational preference would be the only reason to partition the disk.    You do not need a

2017-02-14 Windows 8 - new computer set up:

Hi Richard    thanks for your question!    Whether you need to do an initial disk image of the computer before start using it, depends on whether Asus included a installattion media for reinstalling your


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