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2017-01-08 Windows Networking - Un-requested computer add-ons at start-up:

Hello,    The images do not take up a great deal of space.  Microsoft rotates in new pictures and deletes old ones over time.  You can disable lock screen pictures and manually delete the ones on your

2017-01-08 Windows XP - win 7, cpu usage 100%:

Hello (as I see you are from Kuwait, Sallam/Marhaba),    Although this question is about Windows 7, I’d be happy to try give some ideas…    Usually when a system gets up to 100% CPU usage, it indicates

2017-01-07 Windows 7 - booting issues:

Hi Wayne,    You will need to be able to boot from the Windows 7 install DVD. Double check your BIOS settings to make sure it's the first device that boots before the hard drive. If needed, try resetting

2017-01-06 Windows 7 - Saving Files Before upgrading:

Hi Ryo,    Thanks for answering all those questions. What old files are you referring to that might have viruses on them? I thought you wiped everything and reinstalled the game? It should all be "new"

2017-01-06 Windows NT - Upgrading to Windows 10:

Hi,    Programs from previous versions of Windows may crash because of compatibility issues.  New Windows 10 programs may crash because the code may not been written well.   If you reinstall Windows you


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