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2017-03-22 Women`s History - Alice Paul's Dedication to Women's Suffrage:

Dear Sara:    Your first question is too broad for me to deal with as one could write a book about the roles of women before the second wave of the women's movement started in the 1960s. I don't think

2017-03-22 Military History - German offensive in Caucasus 1942-1943:

Your information is correct per se. But this is just a limited numbers of submarines and a number of what can be described as motor torpedo boats. It is good for harassing the Soviet Russians BUT it is

2017-03-22 History of Science and Technology - Ancient astronomy:

Well OK Ruben, you've stumped me!  That's an interesting question.  The only response I have, and it's totally not helpful, is that it seems most cultures have considered the earth a flat plane of some

2017-03-17 Military History - German offensive in Caucasus 1942-1943:

The probable reason was that the Germans had practically no naval resources in the Black Sea, the Italians - as long as they were involved - not very much and the Roumanians and Bulgarians not very  much

2017-03-17 Military History - German WW2-part:

I'll give you me best educated guess as I've seen many apertures like this in the past, its a ranger for either a naval, shore battery, anti-aircraft artillery gun or other range cannon. The dial on it


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