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2016-10-23 Military History - rings:

Hi Joe, let me see what I can help you with here. The two rings are examples of rings that were very popular during the WWII period, sold to service members, I assume he was an officer being that one of

2016-10-22 Military History - Ship names:

Glad you received the DD-214. And you did the correct thing by asking for the ship's records. If you leave near the Washington, D.C. area, you might think about going to the Archives at College Park, Md

2016-10-21 Military History - Ship names:

If you hadn't mentioned the National Archives, that's what I would have suggested.     You've requested his DD-214 from the Military Personnel Records section, correct? It should have his ships on there

2016-10-21 Flags - large 45-star Amerian Flag:

The 45-star flag was official beginning on July 4, 1897, following Utah's admission into the Union as the 45th state, until July 4, 1908, after Oklahoma became the 46th. The stars are added on the July

2016-10-21 British History - British ancestors who gave birth in India:

Hello Shelley.  The most likely reason would be that the father went out to India either with the Army or as an employee of the East India Company, taking his family with him.   Semapur seems to have been


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