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2017-01-22 Real Estate: Dealing with Agents - Looking to buy in 2 neighboring states:

Don't let the agents annoy you. You are free to use as many agents as you want to look at homes, though as a courtesy you should inform agents if you are working with them exclusively.  I recommend you

2017-01-15 Residential Property Management - Property Management Opportunities in Portland, Oregon:

Hi Lance, we do get Property Management Opportunities in Portland, Oregon. We can help you by posting your ad so our Portland, OR people can contact you directly. What email address do you use?     Take

2017-01-12 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Diffrences in Summary:

Hello, Eric.    'Pro forma' summaries generally include the rent rolls and expenses for a property.     Rent rolls should contain the names of all tenants, the lease dates (commencement and expiration)

2017-01-10 Residential Property Management - I signed a conflicting lease contract. Do I have to pay for the extra 10 days?:

That's going to come down to a legal interpretation of how the lease was written (which in my opinion was written very poorly). If you are in occupancy during the whole period, including the 10 extra days

2017-01-09 Residential Property Management - Lease is voided... now what?:

Hello Jen,    You're probably not going to like my answer, but the basic situation is that you seem to be delinquent in your rent so the Landlord has every right to evict (imagine if someone owed you money


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