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2016-12-01 Residential Property Management - HOA:

A Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation, therefore I recommend you speak with an attorney regarding how to form one. It is very likely that you won't be able to force the vacant homeowner

2016-10-31 Real Estate: Dealing with Agents - seller asking for more time...:

Epi,  Sellers remaining after close of escrow is common and rules that apply to any other tenant should be used to manage the situation. If they cannot vacate after 30 days, you would have to negotiate

2016-10-02 Real Estate Home Mortgages - Refinance - owe more than valued at:

Joseph,    You could possibly refinance and reduce your payments if your existing loan qualifies for the HARP program. The HARP refinancing program was started in April 2009. While the Government calls

2016-09-14 Residential Property Management - Getting apts A.D.A accessible.:

I suppose you could try speaking with the property managers or property owners, but this issue is usually more complex than meets the eye. Often there are difficulties in putting ramps on older properties

2016-09-07 Buying or Selling a Home - Flats in Cochin:

Hi Diksha,  Sorry, but I have no first-hand knowledge of properties available in India.    I am providing a link below to a site that I found for Kochi.  It is only one of probably many you can locate


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