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2016-09-14 Residential Property Management - Getting apts A.D.A accessible.:

I suppose you could try speaking with the property managers or property owners, but this issue is usually more complex than meets the eye. Often there are difficulties in putting ramps on older properties

2016-09-07 Buying or Selling a Home - Flats in Cochin:

Hi Diksha,  Sorry, but I have no first-hand knowledge of properties available in India.    I am providing a link below to a site that I found for Kochi.  It is only one of probably many you can locate

2016-08-31 Buying or Selling a Home - Home with solar panels:

I would think this could narrow your market of potential you’d not only need a buyer that likes and needs your home and values it as you do, but you need a buyer that wants and can afford

2016-08-31 Buying or Selling a Home - Solar panels:

Hi-    I've written about this topic on my blog. In general, leasing panels doesn't help you sell your home, in my experience.  However, buyers are getting more comfortable every year, so in five years

2016-08-31 Buying or Selling a Home - Solar panels:

In my opinion, John, I favor owning ALL parts of your home. I would also think that not every buyer would be interested in owning a house that the panels are being rented. When it comes time for you to


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