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2017-03-14 Buying or Selling a Home - Forgot a couples ?s:

They can't sell a property not in their name and without paying off the tax lien (that can come out of their sale proceeds).  I think you really need an attorney if the tax issue is not resolved.  This

2017-03-01 Residential Property Management - renting while retired:

You would simply need to demonstrate to the landlord the source of income sufficient to cover your rent and other living expenses. One way to look at it is to put yourself in the landlord's shoes --- you

2017-02-27 Residential Property Management - Installed an alarm system:

I think you should be fine to install the system. I see no reason any landlord would object, except of course that any damages (if any) caused by the system's removal would have to be repaired. No, you

2017-02-27 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Commercial Lease:

No, your lease is probably not invalid because there was no formal request for a substitution of lessee. Aside from the guarantor, however, your remedies are initially limited to the assets of the corporation

2017-02-16 Residential Property Management - Landlord sold our rental property/ dog clean up etiquette:

In short, yes you should should probably say something if you're concerned about security deposit deductions. If the landlord is reasonable and easy to work with, then hopefully you can work out an arrangement


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