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2017-02-16 Residential Property Management - Landlord sold our rental property/ dog clean up etiquette:

In short, yes you should should probably say something if you're concerned about security deposit deductions. If the landlord is reasonable and easy to work with, then hopefully you can work out an arrangement

2017-02-06 Real Estate Home Mortgages - reverse mortgage:

The home would stay in her name the whole time, a reverse mortgage places a lien against the home just like with other mortgages, the difference being of course that there is no payment requirements as

2017-02-04 Buying or Selling a Home - buying a house at low price:

Hi Joe;  I come across unbelievable deals every once in a while, but they usually come with a catch.  A home that sells for so low is 'as is' which means you may inherit a lot more than you bargained for

2017-02-04 Buying or Selling a Home - buying a cheap house:

Hi Jim,    Thank you for your question!    Yes, there are probably houses that can be purchased for as low as $5000.  Most likely you would need to pay cash and then have renovations to do to make it habitable

2017-02-02 Buying or Selling a Home - Buying a house on Section 8:

Hello:    To do rent to own, you need 3 things:    1) A person who wants to sell  2) A person who wants to buy and is able to do so  3) A contract that explains how much the buyer will pay and the seller


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