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2017-01-12 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Diffrences in Summary:

Hello, Eric.    'Pro forma' summaries generally include the rent rolls and expenses for a property.     Rent rolls should contain the names of all tenants, the lease dates (commencement and expiration)

2017-01-10 Residential Property Management - I signed a conflicting lease contract. Do I have to pay for the extra 10 days?:

That's going to come down to a legal interpretation of how the lease was written (which in my opinion was written very poorly). If you are in occupancy during the whole period, including the 10 extra days

2017-01-09 Residential Property Management - Lease is voided... now what?:

Hello Jen,    You're probably not going to like my answer, but the basic situation is that you seem to be delinquent in your rent so the Landlord has every right to evict (imagine if someone owed you money

2016-12-22 Real Estate Home Mortgages - Capital gains tax:

Pablo,    The capital gain calculation for most real estate transactions is:    Sales price (minus sale expenses, such as realtor's commission, escrow, fix-up)      Less    Purchase price (plus any capital

2016-12-18 Real Estate Home Mortgages - Offset mortgage:

I am sorry for the late reply.  I have been out for the holidays.      The question you are asking about really comes down to personal preference.  Good arguments can be made for placing the money in a


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