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Focus on Windows 2000/NT

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2017-01-24 Windows Networking - facebook:

Hi Jim    I will try to answer this question, but I'm an expert with Windows networking and hardware troubleshooting and not particularly with Facebook.  You should be able to logon to your facebook account

2017-01-08 Windows Networking - Un-requested computer add-ons at start-up:

Hello,    The images do not take up a great deal of space.  Microsoft rotates in new pictures and deletes old ones over time.  You can disable lock screen pictures and manually delete the ones on your

2017-01-06 Windows NT - Upgrading to Windows 10:

Hi,    Programs from previous versions of Windows may crash because of compatibility issues.  New Windows 10 programs may crash because the code may not been written well.   If you reinstall Windows you

2017-01-01 Windows NT - Upgrading to Windows 10:

Hi There,    When any upgrades are done there is always a risk of losing some or all your data.  There is a similar risk in any case at any time but the risk is higher during upgrades.    Moving files

2016-12-29 Windows Networking - Missing photo labels on program conversion:

Hi Donna     Sorry for the delay.  I haven't been he king emails for a bit.  First of all I wanted to Vista which software you were using to catalogue your photos?  Was it a special program that


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