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Focus on Windows 2000/NT

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2016-09-14 Windows NT - MP370 remote desktop:

Hi,    SIMATIC PCS 7 offers simple and fast remote access via the Web with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP allows OS clients to be represented and operated on a simple terminal device, for example a

2016-08-01 Oracle - diff between instance,schema,database:

Hi Santhosh,    In Oracle (since inception), a schema is a collection of objects managed under a user account.    In a default Oracle installation, you can choose to install the sample user SCOTT which

2016-07-28 Oracle - Invalid Number Error:

Hi Kevin,    When you run the select statement,    SELECT TO_NUMBER(BB.mileage) Mileage1   FROM BB;    do you still get an error?     In your CREATE TABLE statement, are you trying to reproduce table BB

2016-07-26 Oracle - union and intersect:

Hi Santhosreddy,    In SQL (in this case ORACLE SQL) the UNION operator is used to combine the result sets of 2 or more Oracle SELECT statements. It removes duplicate rows between the various SELECT statements

2016-07-20 Oracle - Oracle:

Hi Santhosh      Reference:    The there a few steps that take place before you actually issue the CREATE DATABASE statement.The Oracle's


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