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2017-01-10 Wine - old chianti:

Hi Dave,    I'm sorry but 'probably undrinkable' is putting it gently.    Few Chiantis are made to keep longer than about 5 years so there really isn't any possibility of pleasure from drinking them.

2017-01-10 Wine - Interesting port?:

Hi Dave,    I agree but it would require research beyond my field to find if TFB had a son (TAB) who joined him in the firm.    I don't think this is modern labelling but I can't read the text so please

2017-01-09 Wine - Port:

Hi Raymond    I don't have great news for you.  If you have a bottle of vintage Port that's been in our cupboard for 30 years, it must be from 1983? 1977?      Those are great years (Vintage Port is only

2017-01-09 Wine - Interesting port?:

Hi Dave,    I can find no reference to Buxton's anywhere so I'm afraid this company has long gone - possibly as a result of the WWll blitz that devastated much of EC4.     But it would be speculating to

2017-01-07 Wine - Wine Bottle:

Hi Jennifer     I can't read the label perfectly, but it looks like it's from Marchese Villadoro--a respected produced in the Barolo region in northern Italy.  Beautiful wines, although this one seems


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