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2016-12-04 Vines - Wisteria disease:

Hello John -   My apologies for not responding sooner; I was out of town and not online.  I want to thank you for sending a photo. It makes it so much easier to answer your question. That said, I don't

2016-12-02 Wine - Croizet cognac:

Other people have asked this question before, and the best answer is to take it to the finest wine shop or auction house in your area to have it valued -- for a variety of reasons. Bottle values vary over

2016-11-13 Wine - Port wine served at French state dinner?:

Hi Paul,    Thanks for coming back with that link. I'd be rather more confident about possible enjoyment from drinking this if it really was a Tawny as good quality wines in this style sometimes age well

2016-11-12 Wine - Port wine served at French state dinner?:

Hi Paul,    This looks genuine to me but I can find no reference to 'Commendado' as a brand name, although Feuerheerd’s ( is a well-known

2016-11-07 Wine - Port valuations:

Hi Ian,    This is a nice group so I don't think you'll have any problem selling. Assuming the bottles are all in good condition in terms of levels and capsules I think you could hope for auction bids


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