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2016-09-21 Beverages - Beam's Deluxe Bourbon:

Hi Tom    Distilled spirits like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, over time.  The good news is that this is perfectly good to drink.  The bad news is that

2016-09-20 Wine - Best Auction Web Site for Selling Brandy:

Hi SHIHN JEN,    Many big-spending Chinese collectors frequent the international auctioneers in Hong Kong but they tend to offer collections of First Growth Claret and top Burgundies so I'm not sure they'd

2016-09-12 Wine - Penfolds Grange:

Hi Michelle    in the case of wines this old, the real question is always storage conditions.  Most collectors and connoisseurs are hesitant to buy from and unknown collector because they can't be sure

2016-09-02 Wine - Chateau des Eyquems:

Hi Edward    Thanks for your question.    It depends on condition. You mention it hasn't been cellared. If i assume it has still been kept cool, stabler, in the dark and on its side, then  If that is the

2016-08-29 Wine - Early 1900 veuve clicquot and 1928 Pol Roger:

Hi Forrest,    Champagnes of the age you suspect could create collector interest at auction but don't set your hopes too high as half bottles aren't as desirable as larger formats.    I can't comment further


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