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2016-08-26 Jehovah`s Witness - God:

I use (John 4:24) all the time to show Jesus words that God is a Spirit and not a three in one deity.  I also use (John 1:18) that states that "No man has seen God at any time."  However, before

2016-08-25 Jehovah`s Witness - Matt 18:22:

Lamech wanted immunity for killing a person who struck and wounded him. We don't know how this fight came about, but Lamech was presenting a case of self-defense, pleading that his act was not one of deliberate

2016-08-24 Jehovah`s Witness - Evil rules the world - God still stands inactive:

Hello Christophe       Thank you for your questions.  They are the sort of questions many people ask, and yes there are many different ways that people will try to answer them.  Personally I believe in

2016-08-22 Jehovah`s Witness - Rev. 4:11, Jehovah RECIEVES power:

Jehovah does not need anyone's glory, honor, or power, so what does it really mean?  The scripture is actually speaking about 'worship'.      “You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive worship

2016-08-22 Jehovah`s Witness - Jehovah our God is ONE JEHOVAH!:

The Shema is part of declarative prayer of exclusive devotion to the One True God.  It really was a Directive that was to be followed.  "Listen, O Israel: Jehovah our God is one Jehovah."  The first word


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