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2015-03-24 Jehovah`s Witness - Questions:

You're going deep rather quickly, however I think you are ready for the scriptural answers.  "Destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up" Verse 21 explains that He Jesus was speaking of "The

2015-03-23 Jehovah`s Witness - Hebrews 10:26:

Good evening, Kevin.  This is an interesting question you have asked.  Its also a difficult one, and one that I'm not sure I can make a blanket statement across the board, to apply to all JWs.  I think

2015-03-23 Jehovah`s Witness - Hebrews 10:26:

Hello Kevin.  I hope you are having a good day.    Well, this is another classic case of your JW co-worker twisting the Scripture, for his own convenience.  The Bible does NOT say that "some sins are unforgivable"

2015-03-23 Jehovah`s Witness - Jesus said:

Can you please follow up with a specific question?    If you just want to know what the verse means, it explains itself. God's Laws and prophecies do not become false, nor are they ever done away with

2015-03-23 Jehovah`s Witness - Jesus Alive Or Not:

Actually we are in agreement with what the Bible Really teaches about the Dead.  "For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all" (Ecclesiastes 9:5)


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