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2015-03-02 Jehovah`s Witness - Good morning:

Yes, he comes to an Expert forum, signs on as an expert, then harasses the other experts that intimidate him or that he feels may be a threat to his "personal doctrines".  Should you reject him, expect

2015-03-01 Jehovah`s Witness - Wrong Again, Ms. T....As Usual:

YOU:  You want people to believe your opinions are facts just because you say so? I don't think so!    Yeah, take your own advice there.  Just because you are of the misguided opinion that Im

2015-03-01 Jehovah`s Witness - Sister T and her tecnicolor dreamcoat.:

Good evening, Kevin.  I trust you are doing well.    Did you want me to change this question to "Public"?  LOL!!  Just kidding!!!!  Sorry, I couldn't resist that.    As for Ms. T's latest false accusations

2015-03-01 Jehovah`s Witness - Eternal Torment in hell, but for the Wicked???:

Be happy too.  "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die." (Genesis 2:17)  We see that the punishment

2015-02-28 Jehovah`s Witness - Is the Pastor who is attacking the JW's being honest?:

Long time no hear.  Glad to hear from you Brother.  Imposing is an interesting word as they probably don't exist.  I expect the Pastor and maybe he was pretending to be his wife who in turn, was pretending


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