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2016-04-30 Jehovah`s Witness - No contradiction, just PRESONAL interpretation is all:

Hell Reg,    I agree that so many people read our material with a preconceived bias.  That effects the way that they understand what is written in our publications.   Sometimes it seems that some people

2016-04-29 Jehovah`s Witness - Sorry I didn't mean it to be too hard for you:

Hi Cos,    First of all Cos, we do not "have this assumption that the (h)oly (s)pirit is a mystical power of some kind."    The word "mystical" implies a mystery something that can not be properly understood

2016-04-25 Jehovah`s Witness - Sorroy I didn't mean it to be too hard for you:

Hi Cos    First none of your questions have ever been too hard for me to handle.  What I find difficult is having so many questions asked at one time.  As I have mentioned before answering all your questions

2016-04-23 Jehovah`s Witness - JW's 'PRINCE' dies at age 57:

Yes, I heard of his passing.  I know he had some health issues and a bad hip.  It was very hard for him to preach house to house because of his fame and once he was noticed, he had to leave or cut short

2016-04-20 Jehovah`s Witness - sanctity/priority of worship:

Hello Aaron     Thank you for writing and for those interesting questions.  I have never been asked anything like that before.    Actually we view everyday the same.  No day has any special significance


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