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2017-03-28 Birth Control - PCOD:

Ovarian drilling does not cure PCOD.  It does tend to improve ovulation in many women, and this improvement tends to be long lasting, although it probably is not permanent.  It is usually considered only

2017-03-27 Birth Control - Viorele tablets:

I think that the reason that the yellow tablets contain a small amount of estrogen is so that your estrogen level doesn't fall so much during the week of your period.  Some women can get headaches from

2017-03-19 Abortion - Abortion:

Hello, Fatima,    You have raised a lot of questions, and I will try to give some kind of answer to each one. When you are sexually active after a pill abortion, physical movement inside, plus your hormines

2017-03-19 Birth Control - Skipping/delaying periods on the pill:

You're correct that you may have breakthrough bleeding when trying to skip the placebo pills, although many women don't, at least not until they're well into the next pack.  I would recommend adding the

2017-03-13 Women's Fitness - Asking questions:

Hi Jennifer,  Congrats on your new bubba!!! Having a baby really does change a woman's body in so many ways. It can take a bit of time to "bounce back" but its totally possible!    In order to help you


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