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2016-12-03 Breast Cancer - Brca:

First of all, talcum powder most probably does not cause ovarian cancer.  Second, I do not think testing is necessary since I do agree with the doctors you have already talked to. However since this matter

2016-12-01 Birth Control - Is there a chance I could be pregnant?:

Since you haven't really had intercourse, pregnancy is quite unlikely.  If he ejaculated into the vaginal opening, pregnancy may be possible, but it doesn't sound like he did.  You may have a more rigid

2016-11-30 Birth Control - Vaginosis and Side Effect of Ovules:

I suspect that your girlfriend may have developed an allergy to the medication in the ovules.  I would recommend stopping the ovules for now.  She could sit in warm water with epsom salts to get relief

2016-11-25 Lab Tests - Progesterone:

OTC creams are available, typical dosage for those is based on a female though. I would ask them to make a specific recommendation or suggest a doctor more familiar with hormone balancing in males who

2016-11-16 Infertility/Fertility - ICSI and second look:

Hello Eman from Egypt,    It is okay to have a hysteroscopy prior to an IVF cycle, and I presume that it will be done in the early part of the cycle (before cycle day #10), which is the standard of care


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