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2016-09-24 Birth Control - Menstrual bleeding:

Your periods seem a little unusual while on the pill, but I don't think it's anything to worry about.  If you've been on the same pill for a while, it's unusual that your periods aren't all about the same

2016-09-19 How to Deal with Sex - How to move forward in a new relationship?:

Dear Sara; it sounds like you've not worked through your past trauma before starting a new relationship. This is often a bad and dangerous idea- since we must first be whole before we can be whole for

2016-09-18 Infertility/Fertility - What are my chances of getting pregnant naturally:

Hello A from the U.S.(California),    Please know that I am a specialist in genetics or Turner's syndrome specifically, but having reviewed the literature for this question, I can give you some answers

2016-09-15 Infertility/Fertility - Can't get pregnant :(:

Hello Zainab,    The fact that you don't have regular periods/cycles is evidence that you are probably not ovulating and that is a prime reason you are not getting pregnant.  Ovulation is where your ovary

2016-09-10 Infertility/Fertility - Immature Eggs:

Hello Again,    Usually the stimulation, if given in adequate dosage, is enough to overcome the Lupton suppression, but I think that your thinking may be right, and that your ovaries may have been suppressed


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