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2016-10-18 General History - Spanish Civil War:

I am hardly an expert on this particular subject. But one thing is certain! Contrary to the American Flying Tigers in China fighting the Japanese the Condors were not a private initiativet! Regardless

2016-10-17 General History - Napoleon in exile:

Not as far as I know. He had been given the right to use his tiles of emperor (France) & king (Italy) and he had been given Elba as his private independent principality. To do that before HE moved and

2016-08-22 Women`s History - How many women voted in first election?:

Hi:    Your questions are research questions, which you would need to pursue yourself by using google or going to a library. This is not the kind of information I would know without doing the same research

2016-08-04 General History - query.:

Hi Sam,    Gold and silver have been valuable commodities throughout history because they have always been relatively rare and hard to obtain. For the same reason, precious stones have also generally been

2016-07-24 General History - Question about a Chinese prince:

Hello,    The location of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang has always been well known, but has never been disturbed in the more than 2000 years since his entombment.  So we just don't know what we would find


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